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Your Trusted Partner for Geospatial Data and Defence Solutions

In today's fast paced and changing world, dependable information is essential for decision-making and planning. For 40+ years, it has been our mission at Airbus Intelligence to deliver actionable intelligence so that our customers and partners can respond to their challenges with greater speed and higher certainty.

What can we do for you?

Delivering value from satellite imagery in our digitally connected world


Our services in action


Help solve your challenges

Get actionable intelligence from satellite imagery to help facilitate better decision-making for business needs

Find the right resources

With proprietary access to the world's leading commercial satellite constellation, we deliver geospatial data services to empower users

Access to industry-specific services

The applications we serve are varied and include Defence solutions, Maritime Surveillance, Precision Agriculture, Emergency Response, Environmental Monitoring and more

Our Imagery and Data services

Take advantage of premium geospatial Data and Imagery to get the insights you need thanks to our advanced GIS information technology

Satellite Imagery

Our unrivalled Constellation of optical and radar commercial Earth observation satellites provides decision makers with sustainable surveillance solutions

Reference Layers

Our range of Digital Elevation Models, Global Basemap and Ground Control Points provides you with highly accurate information to improve the geolocation of your imagery


Our powerful geospatial analytics services leverage premium Airbus satellite imagery to enable you to get the information you need, when you need it


Order with OneAtlas

Your place to easily order satellite Imagery, geospatial Data and Analytics. Anytime, anywhere.

Access satellite Imagery, in flexible formats

  • Obtain value-added global layers 
  • Take advantage of powerful analytics to drive actions
  • Benefit from our leading commercial satellite Constellation

Our Defence solutions

To make the best decisions, you need the best Intelligence

Joint ISR

The complete picture for your intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance needs

Multi-INT Exploitation

Delivering the complete picture for informed decision-making

C2 Solutions

Our easy-to-use command and control solutions

Military Mobile Solutions

High security requirements for your deployable solutions

For 40+ years, we have been empowering industries with innovative geospatial solutions


For public safety and homeland security, geospatial information is a necessary data source and plays a crucial role in supporting key decision-makers by turning the latest geospatial data into reliable information.

Land Administration and Mapping

Civil governments, mapping institutions, land administration authorities and city managers need the latest data and information to support land management, map land use / land use changes, manage and protect natural resources, monitor urbanisation and plan infrastructure developments. 

Land Administration and Mapping
Valuable data to support the Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy lifecycle
Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy

Depletion of natural resources combined with growing demand and further interest in unconventional exploration such as shale oil, means there is more need for accurate and reliable geospatial insight than ever before.

Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy
Maritime piracy and security intelligence solutions

Maritime surveillance has become a huge challenge, specifically in regions where maritime traffic represents the major economic interest. Potential threats or activities such as smuggling, illegal immigration or maritime piracy can impact either national security or local economic activities.

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Engineering and infrastructure developments are strong governmental drivers worldwide. Geospatial information is an accurate and cost-efficient data source that plays a crucial role in supporting key decision-makers. We have been providing geospatial data and insights to the civil engineering and infrastructure community for over two decades.

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure
Environmental risk to property portfolio
Banking and Finance

Our Finance solutions provide comprehensive tools for visualising property risk information and evaluating the effects of climate change on environmental hazards, making them ideal for mortgage lenders and risk managers. 


Banking and Finance
crop sensors & satellite farming for agriculture

The conflicting demands to increase food production, manage inputs and protect the environment are driving a strong demand for geospatial data within the agricultural sector. Our services support key players in Agriculture as they develop productive and sustainable practices.

Forestry and Environment

The ever-growing environmental pressures exerted on forestry management are now closely monitored and regulatory frameworks are being put in place to reconcile economic growth, social development and environmental stewardship.

Forestry and Environment
Insurance Market, Flooding devastation

Insurers, loss adjusters and reinsurers need to be able to access reliable, accurate geospatial information to understand not only the level of risk to their property portfolios but also to effectively respond to claims particularly during catastrophic weather events.


Want more insights about your industry?

What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

I am very satisfied with the work accomplished by Airbus in less than 4 months. You managed to deliver a really immersive system to CFAA in time and in quality, and I appreciate the good understanding of our needs.

French Ministry of Defence


Through our joint collaboration over the past couple of years, Airbus has provided timely, high quality satellite imagery so that we can help farmers and ag retailers identify issues within 24-28 hours after collection – which is a critical time for making crop production management decisions. With the combination of imagery and Intelinair's data analytics, AGMRI detects and alerts our customers of any issues with stand count establishment and crop health. With these insights, farmers and ag retailers can identify which fields to scout and where exactly to go in the field to then take actions to help protect yield potential and improve efficiency on their farm operations.

Ram Rapaka

VP of Operation


Since 2009, Customs and Airbus Defence and Space have developed a system of airborne surveillance in a climate of confidence, enhanced cooperation and a constructive dialogue.

French Directorate General

Customs and Indirect Duties (DGDDI)


As ISR Squadron Commander I have to underpin that the capability of the Airbus training team to understand the need and to adapt to the operational environment was excellent. The development of the training and scenarios using the new system was a benchmark.

LTC Luigi P.

ISR Squadron Commander, NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) Force

NATO Alliance ground Surveillance Logo

Ensuring an informed vision of maritime activities in real-time throughout the national metropolitan territory is a technological prowess. We value the strong relationship that we have established over the years with Airbus and we count on the Airbus team to continuously integrate technological advances to maintain our position at the cutting edge of innovation in the field of Maritime Surveillance. Improved and new capabilities will allow us to face new and bigger terms of protecting our maritime borders and perform coastal surveillance missions.

Commander Laurent Frayssignes.png

Commander Laurent Frayssignes

Spationav program officer

logo marine nationnale.png

Trusted by innovative organisations and companies

NATO Alliance ground Surveillance Logo
NATO Alliance ground Surveillance Logo
NATO Alliance ground Surveillance Logo

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