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Satellite image - Land Administration services - Airbus Intelliegence

Land Administration and Mapping

Reliable satellite data for sustainable land administration

Only half of the Earth's land surfaces are covered by topographic mapping. Many of these maps are outdated. Accurate mapping is vital intelligence for governmental organisations for planning, environmental monitoring, crisis management and more. Our satellites provide accurate land images to help create high resolution maps.

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Helping you improve land management and plan infrastructure development

Our services help you to map and monitor changes, enabling you to take decisive actions that benefit citizens, promote regional development and support commercial businesses.

Land Administration and Mapping: geospatial imagery, reference layers, mapping techniques, spatial data infrastructure video

Airbus Land Administration products and services


Land Administration
  • Cadastral maps
  • Property tax revenue collection, valuation and land transations
  • Deeds management, property ownership and valuation
National Mapping
  • Geospatial imagery and reference layers
  • Expertise in mapping techniques and services, consultancy and capacity building
  • Spatial data infrastructure solutions (SDIs)
Satellite image - Land Administration services - Airbus Intelliegence

Discover our geospatial imagery and data for land administration and mapping projects

Based on 25 years of experience, we provide support to civil governments, mapping institutions, land administrations and city managers. Our expertise helps in enhancing land management practices, mapping land use and land cover changes, protecting natural resources and monitoring urbanisation trends.


We provide you with access to the largest commercial satellite constellation available in the market, offering a wide range of multi-resolution and multi-source data. Whether you need satellite imagery over a large area or a specific location, our constellation of satellites offers flexible options to meet your imagery needs.

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Geospatial data for Land Administration and Mapping - OneAtlas image


OneAtlas enables easy and flexible access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added global layers, industry-specific insights, and innovative analytics that help empower you to get the data and insights you need, and grow your solutions.

Reference Layers

Our Reference Layer portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), global Basemap and Ground Control Points (GCPs). Our elevation datasets and “grids” are value-added information that can help ensure precision for any mapping project and much more.

Airbus reference Layers - Illustration

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