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Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy industry - Offshore platform

Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy

Valuable data to support the Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy lifecycle

Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy resources are often located in some of the world’s most inaccessible or inhospitable regions. Multiple sources of data are required to optimise project planning and to support the exploration, production and monitoring of assets.

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We provide you with a new vantage point on your projects and assets

Our products and services support you along all stages: feasibility, exploration, development, production and decommissioning

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Oil, Gas and Mining Solutions


Reduce the need for human inspections

  • Evaluate asset status remotely
  • Benefit from historic image archive
  • Get continuous, high-quality imagery

Benefit from a complete overview of your projects

  • Plan and monitor your project development
  • Measure environmental impact
  • Make informed decisions

Manage risks in near-real-time

  • Rapid detection of difficulties
  • Anticipate delays
  • Reduce costs
Geospatial data for Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy - Pipeline

Discover our geospatial data and solutions for Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy

Depletion of natural resources combined with growing demand and further interest in unconventional exploration such as shale oil, means there is more need for accurate and reliable geospatial insight than ever before.
Our geospatial products and digital solutions provide crucial tools to cost-effectively identify areas for oil exploration and reliable remote monitoring of sites.


We provide you with access to the largest commercial satellite constellation on the market that provides multi-resolution and multi-source data. Whether you need satellite imagery over a large area, to a specific location, our constellation of satellites offers flexible options for imagery needs.

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Reference Layers

Whether you are planning an infrastructure network, organising a construction mission in unknown terrains, or analysing terrain features for Oil and Gas exploration, our Elevation products provide highly accurate information anywhere in the world, independent of relief and weather conditions.

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Stack Insight

Remotely monitor mines, including volume calculations and change detection, eliminating the need to send personnel into the field.

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