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Earth Observation Imagery and Data

Extensive and accurate Earth observation imagery, data and value-added intelligence solutions

Take advantage of the most extensive and precise Earth observation Imagery and Data solutions on the market

Advanced satellite imagery, geospatial data and value-added products provide decision-makers with information when and where they need it.

Airbus Intelligence operates the most comprehensive constellation of optical and radar Earth observation satellites commercially available today. The precision, accuracy and resolution of our data allows us to process a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality Elevation Models, Basemaps, and Reference Layers to provide you with geospatial information that perfectly matches your needs.

Whether you want to gain insight into changes in a difficult-to-access area, analyse terrain characteristics remotely, orthorectify your remote sensing data or get satellite imagery regardless of lighting conditions - our geospatial data portfolio provides global, commercially available satellite imagery and datasets. We bring reliable, extensive and detailed surveillance over any area of interest, with the appropriate level of analysis - from raw optical and radar imagery all the way to sophisticated photo-interpretation.

A range of Imagery and Data services for your application

Airbus Constellation | Airbus Intelligence - Satellites around the Earth
Our satellite imagery

The most comprehensive constellation of commercial satellites

Our satellite imagery
Direct Receiving Station - Antenna
Direct Receiving Stations

A turnkey solution to manage the entire satellite imagery tasking and production chain

Direct Receiving Stations
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Reference layers

Highly precise range of geometric information

Reference layers
Geospatial Analytics services - Satellite image

Powerful geospatial analytics services

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Imagery processing

Sensor agnostic imagery processing designed to output unparalled quality

Imagery processing
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Get started with our Imagery and Data services

The OneAtlas platform provides access to our imagery and data services

  • Access premium satellite imagery, in flexible formats
  • Access to optical and radar archive and tasking services
  • Access to some of our reference layers
  • Take advantage of powerful analytics to gain insights

What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

Satelytics’ goal is nearly immediate results. Airbus is unique in that they have ironed out a pathway to get us the data very quickly… and offers high-resolution data in the spectral bands we need.

Jay Almlie

Chief Marketing Officer

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PASCO supports disaster prevention, mitigation and emergency response activities using its geospatial information technology to secure lives and property to help avoid stagnation in economic activities. The benefits that Pléiades and SPOT imagery provides can be combined with other geospatial information and data so that PASCO can help responders prioritise disaster response and reconstruction work.

Ishizuka Takaya

Satellite Business Division - PASCO

PASCO logo - Surveying the earth to create the future

We are proud to be able to offer near real time services thanks to the reliable and fast tasking service offered by Airbus Defence and Space satellite constellations. The availability of these capabilities really boost the opportunity for value added service providers to offer real solutions to customer needs.

Sergio Samarelli

Planetek CTO

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It is the willingness of Airbus to engage at speed and provide accurate and relevant output in times of stress that is helping shape our relationship. This valuable data combined with other information sources we share not only with our CSOs to better protect their crews, but the military as we work to develop a two way dialogue with the CSOs of the merchant marine.

Mark Sutcliffe

Director, CSO Alliance

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Pléiades Neo satellite image - HD15 resolution

Sample data

Download and evaluate our data for free

Pléiades Neo satellite image - Tokyo, Japan - 30cm resolution

Image gallery

From optical to radar imagery, we allow our best and most beautiful imagery to be downloaded

Airbus Intelligence DMC constellation image satellite

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