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Command and Control Solutions

Get the full range of Command and Control (C2) systems from the mission preparation up to the frontline. Both Land and Joint applications from headquarters down to dismounted soldiers and Air C2 systems to manage airspace ensuring sovereignty and efficient military air missions across all flight operations. 

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Defence C2 Solutions application domain

Our C2 Solutions

Efficient and easy-to-use Command and Control applications all along the chain of command to support the preparation and execution of increasingly complex missions.

Joint C2

Supporting multi-domain, multi-national forces and joint forces command operations in the assessment, planning and direction of operations at joint level, headquarters or command post.

Land C2

From the force’s command to the dismounted soldier, collect and share information through a tactical map to obtain accurate situational awareness.  

Air C2

Command and Control Systems in the field of airspace management, air traffic control, air surveillance operations and Ground-Based Air Defence.

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