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Crop sensors & satellite farming for agriculture - Wheat field

Satellite imagery in Agriculture

Unleashing the potential of Agriculture with satellite-based applications

Growing agricultural challenges call for sustainable practices and increased crop production, driving the demand for agricultural and precision farming services. Satellite-based Earth observation services meet these needs by providing reliable data, easy access and innovative digital services to support the industry’s growth.

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Helping you meet your precision farming needs, our data and services are tailored to provide relevant solutions

Access our unmatched expertise in providing consistent crop analytics over large areas and time series, leveraging proprietary biophysical parameters. Benefit from the largest satellite imagery archive and in-season time series data ranging from 22m to 30cm resolution.

Agriculture unleashes its potential through Satellite-Based applications
Precision Farming
  • Yield optimisation
  • Rationalise fertiliser inputs
  • Safeguard the environment
Insurance and Financial Agriculture
  • Cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield
  • Reliable and continuous estimation of grass growth
Institutional Agriculture
  • Confirm the attribution of subsidies at field level
  • Improve agricultural statistics
  • Support farmers and sustainable farming practices
Crop sensors & satellite farming for agriculture - Wheat field

Discover our Agriculture solutions

No matter your profile or specific agricultural needs, we have tailored satellite imagery solutions for a range of agricultural needs, including precision farming, institutional agriculture and insurance. Our comprehensive offering encompass advanced technologies and data-driven insights, empowering you to optimise productivity, mitigate risks and make informed decisions. Whether you’re a precision-focused farmer, an agricultural institution or an insurance provider, our specialised farming imagery solutions are designed to cater to your unique requirements and drive success in your agricultural endeavors.

Precision Farming

We help you to rapidly build unparalleled precision farming insight, thanks to satellite fields monitoring, vegetation maps, development status, and premium analytics.

Agriculture Satellite-Based applications image Precision farming application
Applications image Insurance and financial application

Insurance and Financial Agriculture

Our satellite imagery and big data are supporting financial and insurance activities, including the monitoring of grasslands and prediction of agricultural production.

Institutional Agriculture

Airbus supports agricultural institutions by modernising agricultural practices and land mapping, ensuring farmers' compliance with regulations, and establishing rural cadastres.

Agriculture Satellite-Based applications image Institutional application

What our customers say

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The TARBIL project requires high-resolution imagery for each of the selected agricultural crop types at every phrenological stage. This is crucial for monitoring crop status and estimating the yield. Thanks to the high spatial and temporal resolution of the Airbus Constellation, we can readily provide the TARBIL project with the essential country-wide satellite imagery it requries.

Prof.Dr. Elif SERTEL



Satellite imagery is the backbone of our SmartFarm® Precision Agriculture platform. The high-resolution, high-frequency imagery we receive from Airbus enables our crop advisors to quickly respond to issues that occur during the growing season and with enhanced agronomic insights.

Allan Fetters

Director, Technology

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Airbus imagery provides the coverage, quality and consistency of data that we require to train machine learning models to help pinpoint issues in the field.

Sriram Rapaka

Vice President of Operations

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At Descartes Labs, we help companies across the agricultural supply chain extract insights from geospatial data. The Airbus SPOT and Pléiades collections power predictive analytics into agricultural production, supply chain efficiencies, and sustainability that aren't otherwise available. These data sets are a valuable business asset.

Fritz Schlereth

Head of Product

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