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Insurance Market, Flooding devastation

Satellite services for Insurers, loss adjusters and reinsurers

Geospatial datasets and intelligence providing property risk information and pre- and post-disaster imagery

Insurance companies, loss adjusters and reinsurers all rely on accurate information to effectively manage their portfolio of customers. Geospatial data can remove uncertainties in information, whether applied to the flood risk level of a specific property or damage extent assessments for response and effective claims management.

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Insurers, loss adjusters and reinsurers need to be able to access reliable, accurate geospatial information to understand not only the level of risk to their property portfolios but also to effectively respond to claims particularly during catastrophic weather events.

Our solutions have shaped how satellite imagery, geospatial information and property-level datasets are used for insurance applications.

We support risk modelling for flood and subsidence down to property level enabling insurers to more accurately define fair premiums for their customers.

With our thematic services we can also support underwriters and claims teams to enable better planning and results.

Our solutions provide rapid insight…just when it’s needed the most.

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Across our thematic insurance services we can provide critical insight and tools to:

  • Anticipate flood (or other) risks
  • Assess risk on a per property basis
  • Enable desktop surveys prior to sending surveyors into the field
  • Access imagery before, during and after disaster events
  • Settle claims from the desktop
  • Request satellite image acquisitions when needed
SpatiaCore product - Airbus Intelligence Banking and Finance Industry
Our products and services for the Insurance market


Airbus’ SpatiaCore provides a suite of geospatial products and services including: data, portfolio risk assessment, climate change reporting, consultancy services, industry insights and process improvement

Sensors Mosaic


Data is at the heart of everything today. Thus our approach has always been to offer multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-source data. We provide you with proprietary access to the largest commercial satellite constellation as well as a broad range of elevation products and precise layers and grids.

OneAtlas illustration

OneAtlas is the Airbus platform that enables easy and flexible access to constantly updated premium and archive imagery, value-added global layers, industry-specific insights, and innovative analytics that help empower you to get the data and insights you need, and grow your solutions.

SpatiaCore product - Airbus Intelligence Banking and Finance Industry


Helps to empower Finance and Insurance with location insights and future intelligence

Environmental risk to property portfolio Banking and Finance industry

Banking and Finance market

Leveraging space technology for climate risk fiance

Leveraging space technology for Climate Risk Finance

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