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How to Order Imagery and Data

Discover the OneAtlas platform: easily order satellite imagery, data and analytics

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OneAtlas overview


Satellite imagery when and where you need it

Flexible access to imagery and data from the Airbus Constellation

  • Task the optical & radar satellites, or access archive imagery, including 30cm from Pléiades Neo
  • Stream and download data from OneAtlas or use our APIs to optimise your workflows
  • Purchase imagery how you need it – via a subscription or pay-per-order 
  • Something for everyone: high-resolution imagery, reference layers, 3D models and analytics  
  • Scalable subscription options to suit small startups or large enterprise organisations

How to order imagery with OneAtlas?

My services OneAtlas  screen
Identify the type of data you need

Whether it’s archive imagery, new collections, regional or global coverage, elevation datasets or more – we have a range of datasets based on user needs

Need advice? We’re here to help!

Our team of experts are here to provide guidance based on needs and budget

Start exploring our services

Quickly see all of the data services we offer through OneAtlas

Satellite tasking

A unique satellite Constellation, unrivalled tasking capabilities and world-class tasking experts

Our One Tasking services enable you to acquire new imagery over your area of interest as quickly and as often as possible. Task our satellites yourself or work with our experts to choose the best tasking plan for you.

léiades Neo  - Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Optical and radar archive satellite Imagery

Access to the most comprehensive Constellation of Earth observation satellites

Our easily accessible Imagery archives contain billions of square kilometers of highly accurate, top quality optical Imagery and radar data collected over three decades. 

Pléiades Neo  image satellite -30cm resolution - Detroit, Michigan

Discover all available services

OneAtlas offers access to more data services, depending on your needs. Check out the full list of services here.

Flexible pricing options
List of available services per subscription or pay-per-order models

Our digital platform adapts to the users’ needs by proposing distinctive business models, which will answer to your business requirements regarding Imagery access


Whether you need a new tasking acquisition or data purchase, you can order only the data you need, when you need it. Payment is based on total order price.

  • Pléiades and SPOT tasking and archive
  • Pléiades Neo archive and tasking
  • Radar archive and tasking
  • WorldDEM™ Suite
  • Basemap (download)


Purchase a package that allows for flexible data consumption. Scalable packages are available based on data needs.

  • Living Library (Pléiades Neo, Pléiades and SPOT)
  • Analytics
  • Basemap (Streaming)

Want to give it a try?

We have flexible options that allows users to discover the global archive coverage, search over a specific area, or try a small amount of high-resolution data over your area.

OneAtlas banner
Content preview tool

Search footprints of optical archive, basemaps & mosaics, as well as elevation products. This tool is used to show coverage with no signup needed.

Guest Access

A search and discover tool used to show image footprints and low-resolution quick looks to see imagery and metadata

Account required – free!

Free trial – Living library

A free 30-day free trial of the Living Library service

Stream and download 500€ worth of 30cm, 50cm and 1.5m optical resolution imagery

Choose any location globally

Get started with the Elevation Portal

Account required - free registration


Imagery Processing illustration

Plug and play with OneAtlas APIs


Plug-and-play into your geospatial software

Access our services directly into your own workflows

Our data services can easily integrate into your GIS workflows. Easily search, order and manage your imagery within your own environment. Use our tutorials and API guides to authenticate and access tasking, archive, elevation services and more. 

What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

The OneAtlas platform is very responsive and user-friendly, it is easy for us to request images and have quotations quickly.

Rylea McGlusky

Business Development Manager of Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence_Logo_RGB_Secondary_ Black+Colour (1).jpg

At Geocento, we provide Airbus imagery to our customers using the OneAtlas API. The API is easy to use and the support is great. Customers enjoy the high quality of the products and the ordering flexibility (no minimum order, fast delivery).

Thomas Lefort

CTO of Geocento

Geocento Logo

We chose OneAtlas as part of our satellite image streaming platform and have never looked back.

Corentin Guillo

Executive Vice President of Intelligence Strategy at Zonda

Zonda Logo

The Living Library imagery will allow us to offer our environmental monitoring services more quickly, efficiently and anywhere in the world.

Boubacar Keita


Map Action Logo

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