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OneAtlas Analytics

Geospatial Analytics Providing Actionable Insight at Scale

Extract powerful information at scale from Airbus worldwide imagery

OneAtlas Analytics image, Change Detection Coquimbo (2020-2023), in partnership with Hyperverge

Tsunami coquimbo

OneAtlas analytics services

Get seamless access to Airbus worldwide imagery and trusted analytics to leverage accurate geospatial information to get the insights you need. Extensive portfolio of ready-to-use, accurate geospatial analytics that range from land and infrastructure, change detection, and to activity analytics.

Infrastructure analytics

Unique machine learning capabilities to quickly detect and highlight specific infrastructure and man-made changes over time and areas of interest using Airbus imagery.

Land analytics

Choose between Airbus fully-automated land use classification (6 classes) or Ecopia AI's high accuracy map extraction (12 classes) to extract land use features and trends.

Activity analytics

Airbus powerful AI capabilities to identify, count and classify vehicles (cars, trucks), ships and aircraft.

Our latest case studies

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Urban infrastructure - Building in construction
Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Monitoring infrastructure development in urban areas with OneAtlas

Engineering firms and government agencies need up-to-date information on the exact status of infrastructure development in urban areas to plan and monitor projects as they relate to new neighbourhoods, roads and parks.

City landscape with highways and skyscrapers
Land Administration and Mapping

Ensuring Digital Map Quality with Airbus´ OneAtlas

OneAtlas offers several options for updated imagery through our Basemap and Living Library services.