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Defence and Space

Pléiades Neo image satellite - Singapore

Our Optical and Radar Satellite Imagery

The most comprehensive Constellation of commercial optical and radar Earth observation satellites

A unique Constellation with extensive satellite Imagery solutions

Airbus Intelligence operates the most comprehensive Constellation of optical and radar commercial Earth observation satellites available on the market today. We deliver extensive and accurate remote-sensing surveillance solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

When you need boots on the ground, look to the sky

The Airbus Constellation of satellites provides users with unique access to multi-source, multi-resolution optical and radar sensors. With proprietary access to Pléiades Neo, Pléiades, SPOT and Vision-1 optical satellites as well as the Radar Constellation (consisting of TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, PAZ and NovaSAR), our extensive portfolio of satellites spans the entire geo-information value chain and is unrivalled in the marketplace.

Our Airbus Constellation provides decision-makers with integrated, sustainable solutions to increase security, optimise mission planning and operations, boost operational performance, improve management of resources and protect our environment for a more sustainable future.

Airbus Constellation of satellites

The Airbus Constellation of satellites

Pléiades Neo satellite image - H30cm resolution
Pléiades Neo

Our most advanced optical constellation provides 30cm very high-resolution imagery with ultimate reactivity optimised at each step of the satellite acquisition and delivery cycle.

Pléiades Neo
Radar Constellation satellite image
Radar Constellation

The Radar Constellation provides 25cm to 40m weather and daylight independent imagery

Radar Constellation
Pléiades image satellite -50cm resolution

The Pléiades satellites provide 50cm very high-resolution optical imagery with excellent image quality and location accuracy

Vision 1 satellite image - 90cm resolution

Vision-1 provides 1m high-resolution imagery with full end-to-end mission operation services. It is particularly suited for defence, security, maritime and agriculture applications

SPOT satellite image - 1.5m resolution

SPOT provides 1.5m resolution imagery for large area coverage

Strat-Observer - First OPAZ image on Zephyr - Arizona, USA

New generation of global stratospheric Earth observation services with an embedded optical payload designed to fly on any type of High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)

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Download sample data from the entire Airbus Constellation

Satellite image Map product
Airbus in-orbit satellites

Building the future

We pride ourselves with serving our customers with exactly what they need, when they need it. We ensure geospatial data continuity beyond 2030.

Airbus is a trailblazer in Earth observation and created the first commercial satellite imagery company, Spot Image, in 1982. Ever since, we have been fundamental in creating and developing the commercial satellite imagery market and geospatial data applications.

To do this, we continuously adapt our offer to meet evolving requirements and partner with other organisations to ensure that we deliver the perfect solution. Our partnership programme is gearing up with HawkEye 360 to deliver a new class of radio frequency (RF) data and analytics. We are also preparing the future with further extensions of our constellation through the CO3D, Strat-Observer and additional programs to come.

What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

We regularly track North Korean activity, especially when it concerns nuclear developments. For us, the timeliness and resolution of Pléiades imagery is the key to quick and accurate analysis.

Karl Dewey

IHS Jane’s CBRN Analyst / Proliferation Editor, UK

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Our Agriculture information system requires 80.000 km² high resolution imagery to monitor crop status and estimate the yield. For a big country like Turkey it was a challenge …Thanks to Airbus high spatial and temporal resolution, we can provide the TARBIL project its much needed country-wide satellite imagery.

Prof. Dr. Elif SERTEL


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It is the willingness of Airbus to engage at speed and provide accurate and relevant output in times of stress that is helping shape our relationship. This valuable data combined with other information sources we share not only with our CSOs to better protect their crews, but the military as we work to develop a two way dialogue with the CSOs of the merchant marine.

Mark Sutcliffe

Director, CSO Alliance

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