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30cm resolution satellite imagery from Miami in 2023

30cm Very High-Resolution Imagery | Pléiades Neo

Our most advanced optical satellites with the highest resolution capacity

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Two identical 30cm best resolution satellites


What is Pléiades Neo?

Experience the forefront of Earth observation innovation with Pléiades Neo – Airbus's leading optical constellation featuring two identical 30cm resolution satellites renowned for their ultimate reactivity. Since its launch in 2021, this innovative constellation has revolutionised the landscape of Earth observation-based services, setting new standards of precision and reliability.

Funded, manufactured, owned, and operated entirely by Airbus, Pléiades Neo reflects our unfailing commitment to excellence. Through meticulous optimisation of every stage of the imagery acquisition and delivery cycle, we guarantee the provision of top-level Earth observation services.

  • 2 identical satellites with our 30cm native resolution imagery
  • Location accuracy : 3.5m CE90
  • Reactive tasking, rapid deliver
  • Acquisition capacity of 1 million km² per day and daily revisit, anywhere
  • Multisprectral imagery (including Deep Blue / Red Edge)
  • Mono, stereo & tri-stereo acquisition capability
Did you know ?

Pléiades Neo satellites are entirely funded, designed, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus. Nearly 1,000 people at Airbus were involved in their development and they are 75% made from innovation.

Your advantages with Pléiades Neo

The best of very high-resolution optical satellite imagery


Highest commercial satellite resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation


Ultimate reactivity for last-minute tasking requests and rapid delivery


Improved weather forecasting for better acquisition success rate

Advanced analytics

Enables the generation of analytics for automatic detection and object identification, as well as fulfilling massive intelligence needs

Advanced Products

High-end products available in the Pléiades Neo portfolio

Pléiades Neo HD15

Designed to enhance the visual rendering of Pléiades Neo imagery

Pléiades Neo Mosaic

On-demand, fully-automated solution for creating seamless colour-balanced mosaics

Elevation 0.5

On-demand Pléiades Neo DSM and DTM

Who Pléiades Neo can support?

Pléiades Neo serves multiple industries worldwide

Pléiades Neo satellite imagery - Illustration -30cm resolution


Discover a new dimension for achieving geospatial intelligence analysis or critical mission planning

Urban, Land Administration and Mapping

Optimum reactivity and accuracy to address today's land administration and city management challenges

Civil Engineering and Infrastucture

Reliable and precise data supply to support project planning and monitoring of assets

Oil, Gas, Mining and Energy

Precise and fresh data to optimise project planning and asset exploration, production, and monitoring


Providing reliable data for enhanced maritime surveillance, ensuring safer operations and facilitating swift decision-making


Offering accurate and precise data to address growing agricultural challenges and meet sustainability demands

Pléiades Neo: A new era for geospatial applications

Pléiades Neo provides users with 30cm native resolution satellite imagery, including reactive tasking capabilities and intraday revisit over any point on Earth. Our exquisite-class system offers a high geolocation accuracy and deeper spectral band information, allowing more insights to be derived for various applications.

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Pléiades Neo and how it can meet your business needs

Satellite image Airbus Constellation

What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

For over ten years, TerraNIS has been drawing on its expertise in remote sensing to support local authorities and agricultural players, offering them services that enable them to meet the challenges of transitioning towards more sustainable management of their activities, in a context of necessary adaptation to current climate change. Pléiades Neo imagery opens up new perspectives in terms of products and applications for agriculture and urban development. With its native resolution of 30 cm and spectral bands including red edge, it enables remarkably precise monitoring of vegetation in particular.

David Hello

Chief Executive


These exceptional Pléiades Neo satellites have remained steadfast in delivering on their promises, consistently offering a higher volume of data with reduced latency. This capability empowers us to serve a wide range of market needs and address the continually escalating inquiries of our customers.

Mark Covington

General Manager

Logo-Geo image.png

Satelytics’ goal is nearly immediate results. Airbus is unique in that they have ironed out a pathway to get us the data very quickly… and offers high-resolution data in the spectral bands we need.

Jay Almlie

Chief Marketing Officer

Satelytics logo

Pléiades Neo is supporting our ambitions to best satisfy the increased high demand of our clients, especially in the Defence and Security domain

Sebastian Carl


GAF AG / E-geos Company's logo

The addition of Pléiades Neo to the Airbus constellation is definitely something to look forward to. Being a value added distributor of Airbus imagery and products since 1994 and being the first to introduce SPOT imagery in Egypt, GEOMAP is thrilled with the new addition of the most advanced optical satellite to this legendary constellation. Our market in the Middle East is eager to see the latest of the Pléiades series with 30cm resolution which is the highest resolution available commercially so GEOMAP is incredibly excited to be able to offer Pléiades Neo imagery to our customers soon.

Tarek Badawy

CTO of Geomap

Geomap company's logo

Pléiades Neo data is true 30cm resolution imagery at its best, displaying vibrant colors and crisp lines. We're excited for the future of the Pléiades Neo constellation and the high-quality imagery it provides

Brock Adam McCarty

Apollo Mapping

Apollo Mapping - The image hunters -logo

Pléiades Neo in action

Browse our case studies

See all
Mamoudzou Pléiades Neo HD15 imagery zoom
Land Administration and Mapping
Pléiades Neo

Mapping very dense urban areas in Mayotte with Pléiades Neo HD15 imagery

As a result of incorporating recent HD15 imagery into their mapping updates, the local authority has been able to rehabilitate substandard housing and relocate households from high-risk areas. 

Pléiades Neo very high resolution satellite image vine rows classification
Pléiades Neo

Detection of Vine Rows using Pléiades Neo Imagery

Understanding the inter and intra-plot heterogeneity of vineyards is a crucial issue in ensuring the stability of wine production and income.

Precision mapping of urban vegetation
Land Administration and Mapping
Pléiades Neo

Precision Mapping of Urban Vegetation using Pléiades Neo Imagery

In 2022, Airbus Defence & Space Intelligence launched the Pléiades Neo Challenge, a call for projects offering free access to Pléiades Neo imagery.

Explore more possibilities

Browse all our documentation about Pléiades Neo

  • Discover a new dimension for Defence and Security
  • Pléiades Neo for Urban and Mapping industries
  • Pléiades Neo for Oil, Gas and Energy lifecycle
  • Maritime security thanks to Pléiades Neo
  • Agriculture needs with Pléiades Neo
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