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SPOT image satellite - 1.5 resolution -  Key West

1.5m Satellite Imagery | SPOT

The ideal solution for country-wide, demanding applications

SPOT - Countrywide Mapping satellite imagery

SPOT: 1.5m satellite imagery


What is SPOT?

SPOT 6 is designed to efficiently cover huge areas in record time, making it a perfect choice for cartography and monitoring applications.
Our One Tasking offer works seamlessly with SPOT, Pléiades Neo and Pléiades satellites, allowing you the flexibility to choose the most suitable service for your requirements and project timelines.


  • 1.5m resolution products, ideal for topographic mapping: from 1:30,000 to 1:7,500 scale maps
  • Stereo and tri-stereo capacity
  • Daily revisit anywhere
  • 2D and 3D stereo plotting, geometric accuracy down to 6 to 10m CE90, elevation and contour lines
  • 3 Million km² per day per satellite

Did you know?

SPOT 6 operates on the same orbit as the very high-resolution Pléiades satellites (50cm imagery). Together they form a satellite constellation that provides an ideal combination of detailed imaging and broad coverage, with intraday revisits to any point on Earth and the ability to make images available within hours. 

Your advantages with SPOT

The ideal solution for country-wide, demanding applications

Global and frequent

Complete coverage of any area of interest in record time

Wide and homogeneous

Unique market solution offering unparalleled precision for national coverage (2D/3D) and high-quality imagery with accurate orthorectification as a standard

Optimised and efficient

Superior coverage speed and capacity even in persistent cloudy areas, strengthened by efficient management of weather forecasts


Ultimate reactivity from new acquisition ordering to product delivery

Who can SPOT support?

All businesses across the supply chain

SPOT satellite imagery - 1.5m resolution New Zealand
Forestry and environment

Detect anomalies in forest texture, identify degradation from unauthorised logging, or measure green corridors and hedges with higher precision

Maritime surveillance

Conduct ship reconnaissance, covering 100,000 km2 in a single pass, with the flexibility for reactive tasking up to 2 hours before acquisition as well as ultra-fast deliveries


Access to information inside small parcels <0.05ha, from pancromatic channels to extract textural information and derive biophysical parameters, get an accurate characterisation of crop conditions

National mapping

Rapid and broad coverage capability minimising seasonal effects on vegetation, and reducing operational costs by requiring less processing work over large areas; feature extraction with up to 1.2m CE90 geometric accuracy, as well as contour lines extraction and stereo plotting

SPOT, a long history of data delivery

The SPOT satellites build upon a legacy of data delivery that began 30 years ago with the launch of the original SPOT 1 satellite in 1986. This legacy means that today, users have access to a vast archive of high-resolution imagery collected over the past decade, spanning billions of km² and offering unique historical insights.

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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about SPOT and how it can meet your business needs

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SPOT in action

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Banner Farm building corn field

Simplot develops a scalable system for valuable agronomy

Simplot and Airbus jointly developed a scalable, automated system to collect, process, analyse and digitally display satellite imagery from Pléiades and SPOT 6/7.

2018 Hokkaido Earthquake and Post-disaster Monitoring banner

2018 Hokkaido Earthquake and Post-disaster Monitoring

Japan is constantly under threats from natural disasters. To protect people’s lives and minimise economic losses, the authorities need immediate information from the affected areas.

Martinique beach  covered with sargasse- Detection of toxic Gulfweed
Forestry and Environment
Mobility and Transportation

SPOT enables the detection and monitoring of toxic Gulfweed

The gorgeous island of Martinique in the Eastern Caribbean Sea has been hit by a plague, called sargasse

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