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Pléiades Neo satellite image - HD15cm resolution - Sydney Australia

Pléiades Neo HD15 | Highest Resolution Satellite Imagery

Designed to enhance the visual rendering of Pléiades Neo 30cm very high-resolution imagery




30cm resolution versus HD15

What is Pléiades Neo HD15?

This new product, derived from Pléiades Neo 30cm, brightens the colours of the imagery and provides sharper details for easier interpretation.

Information is intensified thus making the visual rendering better, which allows linear features to be easily identified.

Available in primary (Bundle) and ortho (Pansharpened 4-bands), in archive and tasking and very soon in OneAtlas!

  • From 30cm to HD15 Produced from Pléiades Neo - 2 identical satellites with our highest 30cm resolution
  • Daily revisit, anywhere
  • Acquisition capacity of 1 million km² per day
  • Location accuracy: 3.5m CE90
Did you know?

Designed to enhance the visual rendering of Pléiades Neo imagery, HD15 is produced by applying an in-house, proprietary algorithm that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Your advantages with Pléiades Neo HD15

HD15 helps identify the smallest elements in the image and enables enhanced monitoring


Better visual rendering allow for more details to be seen, and is a strong input for mapping and urban applications


Highest commercial satellite resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation


Ultimate reactivity for last-minute tasking requests and rapid delivery

Advanced analytics

Detection and precision of Pléiades Neo and HD15 product is a key asset for AI and Machine Learning applications

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Pléiades Neo satellite image - 30 cm resolution - Rouen, France


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