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Efficient satellite tasking solutions

Get fast and easy access to information when and where you need it

One Tasking in OneAtlas - Illustration

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What is One Tasking?

Thanks to an unprecedented commitment to delivering new imagery collections, One Tasking provides answers and support in any situation exactly when and where you need it. Whether its for basic map updates, emergency response, land use analysis, mission planning or frequent insights through reliable monitoring, One Tasking ensures that commissioning a satellite has never been easier and that obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is fast and incredibly easy.


  • A reactive and reliable satellite constellation, readily available and very flexible
  • Intraday revisit capability that maximises coverage speed and enhances monitoring capabilities
  • A team of dedicated in-house experts ensure timely and accurate collection as per specification
  • A ground segment optimised for worldwide Near Real-Time deliveries
Did you know ?

Designed with precision to meet customer needs, our satellite tasking options work with all sensors and are available via multiple access points. Customers can choose to task satellites online through OneAtlas or receive tailored and flexible solutions through our Customer Care.

Your advantages with our satellite tasking solution

Get information when and where you need it

Unmatched collection success

Best choice for maximising the success of your collection campaign

Availability and Reactivity

Flexible sensors, superior availability and ultimate reactivity for ultra-fast delivery

Streamlined offer

Streamlined offer, to lighten the ordering process for all satellite imagery and sales channels

Unrivalled reliability

Premium service for rapid access to critical information: tracked acquisition and order progress, last minute modifications, 24/7

One Tasking - Satellite image before-after

Who One Tasking can support?

Any applications requiring fresh information and accurate insights

  • Defence Intelligence security
    For mission deployment, gathering regular intelligence over sensitive sites and making informed decisions in crisis situations
  • Civil engineering
    Providing detailed and up-to-date insights for initial infrastructure planning, daily revisits to monitor construction progress and ultra- reactive tasking to assess risks, prevent or recover damages
  • Agriculture
    To forecast yields, monitor growth and optimise water, fertilisers and pesticides
  • Forest environment
    Tracking forest cover change and identifying deforestation for ground inventory preparation, as well as managing ecosystem restoration projects. Additionally, offering urgent tasking to assess risks and prevent or recover damages
  • Oil, gas and mining
    Regular acquisitions for tracking the progress of exploitation or infrastructure setup, manage fire or security incidents near and plan evacuation exercises. Fresh imagery to check site restoration after the end of exploitation or exploitation or even gather business intelligence on competitors

Commissioning a satellite and obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is fast and incredibly easy.

35 years ago, Airbus was the first to offer satellite-tasking services, revolutionising the satellite imagery market. Today, with One Tasking, the company sets the bar again with an unprecedented commitment to deliver new imagery collections from Pléiades Neo, Pléiades and SPOT when and where the customer needs them -  thus disrupting the market. Airbus’ tasking offer is committed to delivering the very best results, instead of the industry’s typical “best effort” approach, with a tasking service designed entirely around the customer’s needs.

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One Tasking in OneAtlas - Committed to delivering imagery


Satellite tasking options designed around customer's needs

Access One Tasking which enables you to task the Airbus satellites in just a few easy steps - directly from OneAtlas!

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about One Tasking and how it can meet your business needs.

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What our customers say

Our services are recommanded by industry experts just like you

I am personally very pleased that such service is now available. Over the years, being able to communicate users’ needs back to satellite data providers (and vice versa) confirms the Airbus Defence and Space GeoStore online database is a really great solution.

Marie Hakova

Sales & Marketing Manager

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One Tasking in action

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