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Defence and Space

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Defence and Space

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Innovation in Satellite Earth Observation

New generation Earth observation systems and ground-breaking Defence technologies

Exploring new frontiers is in our DNA

At Airbus, our pioneering spirit pushes us to explore, innovate and reach new heights in the aerospace sector. We boldly challenge the status quo, take risks on new opportunities, and learn from our failures.

Our employees are passionate to create new products and services ideas, innovative technologies and transform business models that will positively impact society and help to shape the future.

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We commit to continuity

Ready to meet the needs of tomorrow

Airbus created the first commercial Earth observation satellite company, Spot Image, in 1982. We have built the largest commercial satellite Constellation available today.
We do our best to suit our customers’ diverse data source needs across a wide range of markets. The demand for data is also growing exponentially. In line with these demands, we are expanding our assets with the launch of future missions such as CO3D for global Digital Elevation Models, Strat-Observer stratospheric Earth observation system and the next generation SAR. 

We drive innovation

Continuously pushing the boundaries

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, AI is at the heart of many of our innovative services in Defence, Security, Maritime, Agriculture as well a core element of our analytics capabilities.

Open innovation programmes

We regularly organise and take part in hackathons, as well as a wide range of challenges like Kaggle competitions and GeoChallenge.


OneAtlas connects imagery from space to decision on Earth. It provides an easy access to fresh imagery, value-added global layers and innovative analytics, empowering you to grow your solutions.

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We connect with the right partners

Taking advantage of a network of forward-thinking experts

  • Over 100 sustainable partnerships across 20 countries: start-ups, universities, SMEs, civil institutions, private companies…
  • At the hub of a global digital ecosystem, across all our markets
  • Agile initiatives translating innovative ideas into breakthrough products, through partnering, co-creation and open innovation

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