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Vision-1 Satellite Image - Melbourne, Australia

0.87m Native Resolution Imagery | Vision-1

Unveiling the World with Vision-1: Delivering High-Resolution Imagery

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What is Vision-1?

Vision-1 provides 0.87m resolution imagery in the panchromatic band and 3.5m in the multispectral bands (NIR, RGB), with a 20.8km swath width.

 The data further enhances our constellation monitoring capabilities and is particularly suited for Defence, Security, Maritime and Agriculture applications.

Vision-1 is in orbit with NovaSAR, opening significant opportunities for Opti-SAR applications.

  • Detailed 0.87m imagery products
  • 3.5m multispectral bands (NIR, RGB)
  • Analysis ready data
  • Complements and enhances our constellation monitoring capabilities
Did you know?

The Vision-1 high-resolution satellite delivers <1m imagery with full end-to-end mission operation services

Your advantages with Vision-1

The best of high-resolution monitoring solutions

Cost-effective monitoring tool
Advanced agility and available capacity
Facilitates near real-time imaging
Secure UK operations

Who can Vision-1 support?

Vision-1 delivers imagery to support:


Urban planning

Agricultural monitoring

Land classification and Natural resource management

Disaster monitoring

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