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First OPAZ image on Zephyr - Arizona, USA

Strat-Observer | Stratospheric Optical Earth Observation

Stratospheric Earth observation services - The perfect combination of satellite endurance and drone persistence

Airbus OPAZ

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What is Strat-Observer?

New generation of global stratospheric Earth observation services with an embedded optical payload designed to fly on any type of High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) such as Zephyr, Balloon.

Strat-Observer will join the already world-leading Airbus Constellation of optical and radar satellites to offer enhanced performance and opens up a whole new range of applications and use-cases for persistent, live streamed geo-information and intelligence.


  • Interoperability camera that can be placed on any HAPS systems (Zephyr, Balloon)
  • Up to several months autonomy, runs exclusively on solar panels
  • Very high-resolution images and live video: from 10m up to 18cm
  • Multi-camera system coverage from 1000km² up to 1km² in real time
Did you know ?

Unprecedented resolution that delivers on range, endurance and persistence.

Your advantages with Strat-Observer

The new way to get Earth observation images and live videos


Permanent coverage at regional scale


Continuous surveillance of a given location for several weeks

Very high-resolution

18cm resolution images and videos

Instant access to data

Request, processing and live acquisition image and video


Who Strat-Observer can support?

Strat-Observer serves multiple domains around the world

Defence - Border monitoring

Strat-Observer data plays a significant role in border monitoring and mapping by providing valuable information, detailed maps and intelligence which ensure an efficient border security and management. Thanks to its persistence and add-on services, such as change detection, Strat-Observer can help authorities to detect illegal border activities. By monitoring the border from the stratosphere, authorities can quickly identify potential security threats and take necessary action.

Strat-Observer videos and images, when used for change detection over time, provide crucial insights into migration patterns, environmental change and land use along the border region. By efficiently helping authorities in Border management strategy, Strat-Observer show that stratospheric Earth observation will become a fundamental in guaranteeing nation’s security.

Maritime - Illegal fishing

Strat-Observer have a crucial role in supporting sustainable maritime activities. The objective is to ensure the long-term health and productivity of our oceans by helping in the management of marine resources.

Thanks to its persistence, its very accurate imagery and AIS detecting and tracking capability, Strat-Observer provides essential data for effective fisheries management. From the moment where a boat without AIS is detected by Strat-Observer, an automatic signal is sent to the authorities, which can then directly deploy their intervention strategy on the field.

Strat-Observer helps international organisations, governments, and NGOs in the fight against illegal fishing and in doing so, contributes to the protection of our oceans while supporting the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Security - Emergency response

Strat-Observer imagery is a critical component of emergency response efforts, providing necessary information and insight to aid in disaster response and recovery. Real-time and high-resolution data provided by Strat-Observer allows emergency responders to quickly assess the situation on the ground. It helps emergency responders to plan and coordinate their response efforts by identifying safe routes for evacuation, locating areas where emergency supplies should be delivered, and even pinpointing the locations of emergency shelters.

After a disaster, Strat-Observer information can be used to assess the extent of the damage and prioritise response efforts in the allocation of resources and in ensuring that emergency responders are focusing their efforts where they are most needed. In the end, information can also be used to assess the risk of future disasters. For example, it can be used to identify areas that are prone to flooding or landslides, allowing emergency responders to take proactive measures to reduce the risk of future disasters.

Environment - Wildfire monitoring

Strat-Observer is an essential tool for wildfires detection and monitoring. It is designed to detect and track active fires by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by the fire thanks to its infrared and optical captors. The resulting signal is then transferred to the DRS center in real time, allowing firefighters to synchronise their efforts and warn people in the affected zones promptly.

Strat-Observer plays a significant role in monitoring fire re-ignition. It can easily supervise hundreds of hectares where dozens of firefighters would typically be required. This enables firefighters to be more effective in other fire areas where more workforce is required while keeping the surveillance zone under control.

Using Strat-Observer for fire monitoring contributes to guaranteeing both public safety and environmental protection.

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