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Strat-Observer - First OPAZ image on Zephyr - Arizona, USA

Stratospheric Optical Earth Observation | Strat-Observer

Stratospheric Earth observation services - The perfect combination of satellite endurance and drone persistence

Strat-Observer - First OPAZ image on Zephyr - Arizona, USA

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What is Strat-Observer?

New generation of global stratospheric Earth observation services with an embedded optical payload designed to fly on any type of High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) such as Zephyr, Balloon.

Strat-Observer will join the already world-leading Airbus Constellation of optical and radar satellites to offer enhanced performance and opens up a whole new range of applications and use-cases for persistent, live streamed geo-information and intelligence.


  • Interoperability camera that can be placed on any HAPS systems (Zephyr, Balloon)
  • Up to several months autonomy, runs exclusively on solar panels
  • Very high-resolution images and live video: from 10m up to 18cm
  • Multi-camera system coverage from 1000km² up to 1km² in real time
Did you know ?

Unprecedented resolution that delivers on range, endurance and persistence.

Your advantages with Strat-Observer

The new way to get Earth observation images and live videos


Permanent coverage at regional scale


Continuous surveillance of a given location for several weeks

Very high-resolution

18cm resolution images and videos

Instant access to data

Request, processing and live acquisition image and video

Who Strat-Observer can support?

Strat-Observer serves multiple domains around the world


Defence – Border monitoring

Detection over time which provide crucial insights into migration patterns, environmental change and land use along the border region

Maritime – Illegal fishing

Contribute to the safety and to the protection of our oceans while supporting the livehoods of millions people worldwide

Security – Emergency response

Real-time and high-resolution data allows emergency responders to quickly assess the situation on the ground and thus to plan and coordinate their response efforts

Environment – Wildfire monitoring

Guaranteeing public safety and environmental protection thanks to an active fire re-ignition monitoring

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Satellite image Map product

Strat-Observer in action

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