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50cm Very High-Resolution Imagery | Pléiades

See the detail thanks to our very-high resolution satellite imagery

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Pléiades: Two satellites that deliver 50cm resolution imagery


What is Pléiades?

The identical Pléiades 1A and Pléiades 1B satellites deliver 50cm imagery products with a 20km swath. Their location accuracy and image quality are excellent, making them an ideal source of data for both civil or military projects. The space and ground segment have been designed to provide data in record time, ensuring daily revisit capacity anywhere on the globe and unrivaled reliability when it comes to collecting new images. Thanks to our innovative One Tasking services, commissioning Pléiades satellites and obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is fast and incredibly easy.


  • Very high-resolution multispectral twin satellites (50cm products)
  • Acquisition capacity is available onboard satellites, committed to delivering newly acquired imagery to customers
  • Daily revisit capacity and highly reactive tasking
  • Advanced agility including 5 collection scenarios: target, strip mapping, tri-stereo, corridor and persistent monitoring
  • Stereo / tristereo capacity and fresh archive
Did you know ?

Pléiades satellites are operated on the same orbit with the SPOT 6 satellites, as a  3-satellite constellation: an ideal combination of detail and broad coverage, with intraday revisit to any point on Earth and image availability within hours.

Your advantages with Pléiades

An ideal trade-off between coverage, resolution and speed

Detailed and precise

Ideal for precision mapping and in-depth Intelligence

Fast and frequent

Particularly suitable for emergency response and up-to-daily change detection

Available and reactive

Unanimous choice for new collections and timely decision-making thanks to an industry leading collection success rate


Precise orthorectified imagery is provided as a standard, along with detailed and accurate 3D models that are affordable even in the most inaccessible locations

Who Pléiades can support?

Pléiades images are the perfect solution to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements


Available satellite resource with a true daily revisit capability, enabling routine or intensive monitoring of regional conflicts, border areas, and early detection and prevention of armed conflicts and humanitarian crises.

The satellite’s advanced agility is particularly well-suited for updating military maps in strategic areas.

Land administration

Particularly adapted to urban planning, housing and transportation management, land use mapping (at scales of up to 1:10,000 and 1:5,000), assessing urban sprawl, and monitoring new infrastructure.


Especially well-suited for monitoring fragmented landscapes, small parcels, experimental micro-plots, and groves/permanent crops, but also for crop yields estimation, irrigation recommendations, agricultural inputs optimization…

Forest and environment

Valuable tool for running forest inventories and monitoring changes, forest operations (Wood planting, harvesting…).

Very high-resolution optical imagery

Designed for civil and military users, the system is especially suited for emergency response and change detection

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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Pléiades and how it can meet your business needs

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Pléiades in action

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Large tanker with container cargo
Mobility and Transportation

Hijacked Tanker Aris 13 Located with the Help of Pléiades

By combining the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and the Pléiades satellites, Airbus helped locating the ARIS 13 oil tanker attacked by Somali pirates in only 2 days.

Pléiades satellite data - Analytics to support polio eradication in Nigeria
Land Administration and Mapping

Supporting Polio Eradication with help of Airbus Pléiades satellite data

A small correction for the introduction: Within the record timeframe of 30 days, an immense area of 50,000km² was acquired with Pléiades in Nigeria.

Banner Farm building corn field

Simplot develops a scalable system for valuable agronomy

Simplot and Airbus jointly developed a scalable, automated system to collect, process, analyse and digitally display satellite imagery from Pléiades and SPOT 6/7.

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