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WorldDEM™ Neo - The Next Level of Elevation Data

The most accurate global digital elevation model

WorldDEM Neo satellite image

What is WorldDEM Neo?

It offers a combination of global coverage, highly accurate WorldDEM data, up-to-date and fresh data acquisition (from 2017-2021) and a unique resolution. It sets a new standard in satellite-based elevation models that are globally available today for GIS.


  • 5m pixel spacing for every spot on earth
  • Unrivaled accuracies of 2m relative and 1.4m absolute vertical
  • Homogeneous, seamless, pole-to-pole coverage
  • Globally off-the-shelf available
Did you know?

WorldDEM Neo products are built upon satellite imagery and the corresponding interferometric elevation data of the continuing TanDEM-X Mission, primarily acquired in the years 2017 to 2021. The goal of the mission was the generation of a worldwide, consistent, and high precision Digital Surface Model (DSM) based on SAR interferometry.

Your advantages with WorldDEM Neo

Your advantages with WorldDEM Neo - the most accurate global digital Elevation model

Globally available

Global off-the-shelf Reference Layer for easy and instant access

Rapid on-demand delivery

Ordering has just become easy via the OneAtlas WorldDEM Portal. Easy and intuitive: choose between five WorldDEM products in different resolutions, available worldwide, draw or upload your AOI, confirm your order and download your DEM data in just a few minutes


Highest resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation on global scale

Tailored to business individual needs

Whatever your area of interest, anywhere in the world, enjoy fast and easy access to our WorldDEM products- Elevation matters!


Like all our Elevation products, WorldDEM Neo products are available as:

  • DSM: Edited Digital Surface Model including editing of terrain features and with assured hydrological consistency
  • DTM: Derived from the WorldDEM Neo (DSM) product by removing vegetation and man-made objects to show the bare terrain of the Earth's surface


WorldDEM Neo DTM provides a foundation layer for applications such as civil engineering (e.g. road design, Earth work calculation), the management of natural resources as well as planning and implementation of military operations (e.g. vehicle trafficability analysis, 3D terrain visualisation).

Who WorldDEM Neo can support?

WorldDEM image satellite - Sumatra_Indonesia

Enhanced and efficient mission planning for Defence and Security missions with global availability supporting cross-border mission planning


High-quality image orthorectification, high- precise topo mapping and hydro-modelling


By improving line-of-sight-analysis, delivering reliable data for airport mapping and airport data base to ensure flight safeness

Civil engineering

Reliable planning and operation of exploration sites and infrastructure projects

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about WorldDEM Neo and how it can meet your business needs.

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WorldDEM Neo in action

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