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Defence and Space

Aviation - Improving Safety and Efficency
Improving safety and efficiency

With our expertise of the aviation market we offer very high-resolution imagery and develop value-added products and services based on satellite imagery to enhance flight safety and efficiency, supporting various on board and on ground applications for civil and military operators.

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  • Aerodrome Surface movement guidance and navigation
  • Surveillance, conflict detection and alerting (e.g. runway incursion)
  • Aerodrome Facility Management
  • Terrain awareness and warning
  • Aircraft navigation in low visibility conditions (e.g. Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS))
  • Procedure design for performance based navigation
  • Low altitude flight and obstacle avoidance
  • Emergency landing site location selection
  • Flight simulation and training
  • Mission preparation
Airbus reference Layers - Illustration

Our services in Aviation

Reference Layers

From global to local scales

Accurate and global elevation database to support both civil and military operations.

Airbus Constellation of satellites


The right data at the right time

Our unique constellation provides what you need - when you need it: wide coverage, fine detail, reliable new collections and extensive archives.

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