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Pléiades Neo satellite imagery Grand Palais France 30cm resolution
Pléiades Neo Satellite Launch Anniversary

"2 years ago, on the 2nd of November 2021, we were celebrating the Pléiades Neo commercial launch. The launch of Pléiades Neo 3 and 4 in April and August 2021 will be remembered as historic milestones for Airbus Intelligence, and truly opening new opportunities for our global partners and customers.

We have 2 outstanding birds flying, fulfilling their promises and consistently delivering more data with lower latency allowing us to support needs across all markets and meeting the growing demands from our users. The combination of Pléiades and Pléiades Neo enable us to deliver extensive coverage and revisit capabilities in very high resolution through our full Earth observation Constellation."

Manuel Lagarde

Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing (Intelligence, Airbus Defence and Space)

Pléiades Neo 3 and 4 key figures
Unrivalled tasking capabilities
  • Last minute tasking requests up to 30 minutes before satellite pass
  • Ultra-fast deliveries in 2 hours on average after collection in case of emergency situations
  • 30 tasking plans per day at the Constellation level with true daily revisit over any place on Earth
  • Superior satellite resource availability to meet the most demanding needs even over the most requested areas
Pléiades Neo celebrates 2 years of Business Operations

Pléiades Neo celebrates 2 years of business operations


What’s new?

Pléiades Neo HD15

A new, enhanced product, derived from Pléiades Neo 30cm, provides sharper details and allow better visual rendering for easier interpretation Available in primary (Bundle) and ortho (Pansharpened 4-bands), in archive and tasking and very soon in OneAtlas!

zoom1_NYC_HD15_Statue Liberte_PNeo4_20230919_redresse.jpg
Elevation 0.5

Airbus is also now offering a 50cm posting elevation model product derived from Pléiades Neo stereo and tristereo acquisitions. A result of extensive R&D work pushing the resolution and accuracy to an industry-leading standard, unmatched by any other satellite data provider. 


Release in Oct of our new worldwide Basemap, now including 260 000 km² of Pléiades Neo (and 2.2m sq km early 2024). The product is available both in streaming and download.



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