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23 November 2023
Pléiades Neo 2 years anniversary

Pléiades Neo Satellite Launch Anniversary 

21 November 2023

We’ve got a treat for you!

The entire coast of Greenland is now ice free, unveiling spectacular, previously unknown landscapes through the lens of SPOT and Pléiades satellites.
18 October 2023

Sustainability | Climate Change: the New Landscapes of Greenland

SpatioNav system, a critical component of France's maritime surveillance infrastructure
13 October 2023

Airbus secures SPATIONAV MCO contract for Maritime Surveillance in France

Pléiades Neo image satellite - Geothermal power stations in Kenya - 30cm resolution
3 October 2023

Sustainability | Energy: Geothermal Power Stations

Space Reference Points consist of a worldwide set of 3D Ground Control Points (GCPs) and an associated set of image chips every 2km2, based on SPOT6/7 multi-stereo global coverage.
27 September 2023

Airbus Launches New SRP to support 3D applications

World Maritime Day: Spotlight on Chittagong port, Bangladesh seen by Pléiades Neo 30cm resolution
21 September 2023

Sustainability | World Maritime Day

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Forestry and Environment
Pléiades Neo

Detection of Hedges using Pléaides and Pléiades Neo

Detection of Hedges using Pléaides and Pléiades Neo

Pléiades Neo

Detection of Vine Rows using Pléiades Neo Imagery

Understanding the inter and intra-plot heterogeneity of vineyards is a crucial issue in ensuring the stability of wine production and income.

Land Administration and Mapping
Pléiades Neo

Precision Mapping of Urban Vegetation using Pléiades Neo Imagery

In 2022, Airbus Defence & Space Intelligence launched the Pléiades Neo Challenge, a call for projects offering free access to Pléiades Neo imagery.

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5 September 2023

Airbus delivers first protected-wounded transport container to German Armed Forces

24 October 2022

The Final Two Pléiades Neo Satellites Arrive in Kourou for Launch

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