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OneAtlas Basemap | Curated and refreshed global image layer


Accurate, expertly curated, global satellite imagery reference layer

Full Global Basemap

What is OneAtlas Basemap?

Businesses and decision makers rely on precise and consistently updated geoinformation to make informed decisions and prepare effective action plans. To ensure that decision makers have the right information to start with, an accurate and regularly updated imagery basemap is key.

OneAtlas Basemap is a cost-effective, highly accurate, expertly curated global imagery reference layer available off-the-shelf. Purchase the complete global layer or just your area of interest and access it via streaming, download or API.


  • 30cm and 50cm resolution imagery over urban areas and specific regions
  • 1.5m resolution global coverage
  • Geolocation accuracy is ≤5m CE90 for the majority of the globe
  • Cloud cover is <5% globally and <2% over urban areas
  • Viewing angle ranges from 20° to 30°
Did you know ?

Each image included in OneAtlas Basemap is curated by Airbus experts to ensure consistent, complete and nearly cloud-free coverage with minimised haze and seasonal differences between contiguous images. 

Benefits of OneAtlas Basemap

A cost-effective, highly accurate, global imagery reference layer


An average geolocation accuracy of ≤5m CE90 provides accurate information for better decision-making.


The most reliable context, anywhere on the globe. Pixels are unaltered, representing ground truth and true environmental conditions.


Off-the-shelf and on-demand products available with multiple delivery and pricing options. Choose your own AOI or get access to the entire globe.


Airbus is committed to evolving OneAtlas Basemap to meet customer needs for many years to come.

Pléiades Neo satellite image - 30cm resolution - Cruise Ships Nassau

Who can OneAtlas Basemap support?

Mission planners, mapping companies, app providers, and more

  • Plan operations, deployments and missions
  • Extract reliable information and derived products
  • Update maps and transporation routes
  • Visualise as a background layer in applications
  • Detect changes when combined with other data

Need a basemap created from a specific set of images?

If you need a custom basemap created based on a specific selection of images and product parameters, we will work with you to build the exact basemap you need. Contact us [included link to contact us form] to learn more.

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