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Geoimage monitors the progress of construction sites

Geoimage Australia

The use of Pléiades Neo HD15 and Mosaic in mining and construction monitoring

An undisclosed major customer in the mining industry needs to monitor railways and mine construction to ensure that no damage is done to the environment

Pléiades - September 2020

Pléiades - January 2022

Pléiades - January 2022
Pléiades - September 2020

Road construction


Some areas are not allowed to be disturbed due to their environmental and cultural significance. Careful monitoring is required to ensure that mining activities do not adversely affect the land.

Being located 500km away from the main office, it is too expensive to send a specialist to visit the construction site on a regular basis. Our customer needs to find an alternative to monitor progress over the mine site, without sending someone from the main office.

Their main objective is to obtain a recent view of the roads and the construction sites, in order to supervise and monitor the progress of the work, while minimizing the impact on the environment. 


Mining equipments and trucks in HD15

Our solution

A Mosaic was produced every two weeks, using 50cm Pléiades images and 30cm Pléiades Neo images to enable management to see the progress of construction thanks to very-high-resolution imagery.

Civil engineers can use the mosaic to plan the construction of new structures including buildings and utilities. The geospatial accuracy of Airbus imagery means that measurements can be taken directly from the mosaic. Engineers are also able to identify areas of interest through the satellite imagery. This level of information reduces the field work required from 1 month to 2 weeks which is necessary to assess the condition of the land.

Decision makers who were located at different sites around the world could see the position of trucks and other assets in real-time, to better monitor the project. Traffic could be coordinated, using mosaicked images to measure access spaces and distances, making it possible to plan the access of large vehicles to a particular location.

The Mosaic ensures the protection of the native habitat. Using the infrared spectral band, environmental scientists can assess biomass for grazing cattle, and analyse the soil colour to evaluate sheet erosion after severe weather events. When scientists need the highest resolution for image interpretation, Airbus provides HD15 imagery derived from the 30cm data.

The precision of the Pléiades Neo satellites enables detection of details such as changes in the behaviours of trees. For example, abnormal leaf drop due to plant stress has been detected, and has helped to solve an important water table problem.

Pléiades – January 2020

Pléiades Neo – December 2023

  • OneAtlas Archive for Site Monitoring:  OneAtlas provides a vast archive of images that enable precise and continuous site monitoring with historical and current data, essential for observing environmental changes, managing infrastructure, and monitoring human activities.


  • Revisiting Capability and Extensive Coverage: Our Constellation ensures frequent revisits and global coverage, offering regular updates crucial for disaster management, precision monitoring and security. Accessing remote sites in Australia is made easy, providing timely and accurate data even in the most far-flung areas.


  • High Precision images with Pléiades Neo and Pléiades Neo HD15: Pléiades Neo satellites deliver precise images, with resolutions up to 30 cm and HD15 processing, facilitating detailed infrastructure analysis, accurate mapping and optimized industrial planning.
Organisation involved

With over 35 years of experience, Geoimage is an industry leader in remote sensing technologies. Thanks to partnerships with major satellite imagery providers and cutting-edge technology, Geoimage offers customised and innovative solutions to industries such as mining, engineering, oil and gas, agricultural, government, and environmental.

For this client there were three factors that were of critical importance: geospatial accuracy, time from capture to delivery of the final product and high quality. Airbus have consistently delivered on all three over a period of 3 years.

Mark Covington - GM Portrait Head

Mark Covington

General Manager of Geoimage

logo of geoimage company
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