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Living Library | Quick and easy access to satellite imagery

Archive satellite imagery | Living Library

Quick and easy access to curated satellite Imagery

Living Library | Quick and easy access to satellite imagery

What is Living Library ?

Access premium satellite imagery from our multi-resolution optical archive. Need access to more imagery? No problem. Users can access and request the imagery they need from the extended archive for delivery into their Living Library account.


  • Constantly updated with 30cm, 50cm and 1.5m data with lower cloud cover and incidence angles
  • Access full archive and “warm up” the imagery into your account
  • Imagery instantly available in streaming, download and APIs
  • Subscription based – pay only for what you need
Did you know ?

The Living Library is constantly updated with fresh imagery every day.

Your advantages with Living Library

Quick, easy and flexible access to fresh imagery

Fresh archive imagery

Premium satellite imagery processed in the cloud and updated daily

Flexible delivery options

Multiple streaming and download options for fast delivery

Cloud API integration

Search, view and download options available

Annual subscription

Usage-based pricing with no minimum order size or surface-based pricing (per seats)

Premium satellite imagery usecase image from Texas

Who can benefit from the Living Library?

Satellite imagery users who need accurate and reliable data - the possibilites are endless

Defence and Security

Multi-temporal satellite imagery is routinely used to gain insights into past activities, patterns and changes in specific areas. Whether the assessments are used for analysis, mission planning, training and simulation or damage assemessment, historical data from the Living Library can offer a wealth of information.


Mapping companies can compare older imagery to newer imagery to identify change in infrastructure, land use, geographical features and analyse features such as road networks, buildings, vegetation, bodies of water and terrain. A deep archive can also help users identify patterns of urbanisation, infrastructure development, vegetation encroachment, environmental monitoring, and much more.


The Living Library can be used to gain a better understanding of historical patterns of crop growth and health. Historical data can be used to assess development patterns, growth anomolies, change in vegetation patterns or pest infestations. Analysing data over multiple growing seasons can help provide input for yield estimations and forecasting, as well as support for crop insurance and risk assessment.

Oil & Gas

Historical imagery can provide oil and gas companies with information that can help pinpoint areas with high exploration potential, saving time and resources. Users can also compare imagery to identify change and detect potential leaks, monitor infrastructure conditions as well as the environmental impact caused by operations to effectivlely implement mitagation measures.

A multi-resolution imagery archive

The Living Library includes a selection of curated imagery that is updated everyday and includes: 30cm, 50cm and 1.5m resolution data

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Our team can help get you started with the Living Library, or discuss other imagery options

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What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

Green roofs are one of the nature-based solutions answers for climate change mitigation in urban areas. Space data from Living Library enable us to detect and quantify them however small they may be.

David Parastatidis


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The Living Library imagery will allow us to offer our environmental monitoring services more quickly, efficiently and anywhere in the world.

Boubacar Keita


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Our data in action

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U.S. Census Bureau: Automated Detection and Classification of Nationwide Residential Construction
Land Administration and Mapping

Reveal uses OneAtlas Imagery to provide construction information to the US Census Bureau

Machine Learning algorithms from Reveal analyse high-resolution Pléiades imagery from OneAtlas to count residential construction projects and assess their current stage across the US. 

City landscape with highways and skyscrapers
Land Administration and Mapping

Ensuring Digital Map Quality with Airbus´ OneAtlas

OneAtlas offers several options for updated imagery through our Basemap and Living Library services.

Urban infrastructure - Building in construction
Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Monitoring infrastructure development in urban areas with OneAtlas

Engineering firms and government agencies need up-to-date information on the exact status of infrastructure development in urban areas to plan and monitor projects as they relate to new neighbourhoods, roads and parks.

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Pléiades Neo 30cm Imagery : Grand palais, paris France - 30cm resolution

Pléiades Neo - 30cm very-high resolution imagery

Our most advanced optical constellation with the highest resolution capacity

One Tasking in OneAtlas Committed to Delivering Imagery easily

One Tasking in OneAtlas - Committed to delivering imagery easily

Get access to information when you need it

Composite image Anak Krakatau

Radar tasking and archive

Task the radar satellites and get access to decades of historical data