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Supporting the modernisation of agricultural policies with timely and accurate geospatial insights

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Do you work for a government agency and need data to monitor crop production, manage food supply, optimise resources and support farmers in improving productivity while preserving the environment?

We provide automatic field delineation for extensive crop monitoring and vegetation map time series from all incoming optical satellite images.

These analytics can be integrated into any platform, facilitating the control of subsidies attribution at the field level and enhancing agricultural statistics (acreage and production estimates).

We support governments in building their capacity to improve their information systems
  • Reduce costly and time consuming field inspections thanks to reliable data from satellite imagery
  • Increase yield, improve quality and optimise inputs using enhanced plant level analytics
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Simple and cost-effective access to satellite imagery that is no more than 12 months old, covering the entire world.

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Quick and easy access to premium satellite data

Our extensive constellation of satellites ensures you quickly get the right pixels at the right time with the right resolution to meet your needs.

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Our solutions are recommended by governmental and non-governmental entities as well as industry experts

Airbus satellite imagery has been successfully supporting the work of FAO since the launch of SPOT 1 in the late 1980’s. It has helped to define a national agricultural policy, managing food security, dealing with illegal agriculture, optimising irrigation and pest prevention, depending on each local specific need.

Gianluca Franceschini

Technical Coordinator of Geospatial Unit, Climate, Biodiversity, Land & Water Department - UNFAO

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The TARBIL project requires high-resolution imagery for each of the selected agricultural crop types at every phrenological stage. This is crucial for monitoring crop status and estimating the yield. Thanks to the high spatial and temporal resolution of the Airbus Constellation, we can readily provide the TARBIL project with the essential country-wide satellite imagery it requries.

Prof.Dr. Elif SERTEL



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