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Insurance and Finance services for Agriculture

Finance and Insurance Agriculture

Supporting traders and insurance companies in agriculture

Satellite imagery is playing an increasingly important role in supporting agriculture and our extensive constellation is particularly suited to monitoring agricultural land.

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Whether you are an agriculture insurance company or a commodity trader, our images and big data provide cost-effective, frequent and global insights for your decision making and your actions.

Satellite imagery is opening new doors for insurance and trading.

Grassland Production Index, Airbus services
Our services in Insurance Agriculture
  • Implement a crop production index in order to build an insurance product
  • Assess losses based on actual damage extent in the field

Grassland Production Index

Continuous index monitoring of grass growth allowing insurers to cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield.

Predictive Analytics for Agriculture
Our services in Financial Agriculture
  • Assess situations for predictive financial analysis
  • Evaluate farm solvency
  • Trade on commodities stock exchange

Predictive Analytics

We are able to convert prediction into agricultural production.

Basemap for Agriculture
Support your Application with On-Demand Expertise

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Mapping Fields Is now Easy

Simple and cost-effective access to satellite imagery no older than 12 months, covering the entire world.

Spot satellite image - 1.5m resolution - Agriculture Fields
Our Imagery

Quick and Easy Access to Premium Satellite Data

Our extensive constellation of satellites ensures you quickly get the right pixels at the right time with the right resolution to meet your needs.

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Our solutions are recommended by governmental and non-governmental entities as well as industry experts

At Descartes Labs, we help companies across the agricultural supply chain extract insights from geospatial data. The Airbus SPOT and Pléiades collections power predictive analytics into agricultural production, supply chain efficiencies, and sustainability that aren't otherwise available. These data sets are a valuable business asset.

Fritz Schlereth

Head of Product

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There was no way to insure cattle growers against fodder shortage with traditional insurance, as classic on-site inspections cannot be applied on grasslands. The Airbus team has worked tirelessly with us to establish a satellite-based index accurately describing grassland production for the entire country. This index has been the start of an innovative insurance product, a true game changer for our activity. Thousands of farmers now benefit from reliable protection against grassland shortage, with paperwork effort reduced to the bare minimum.

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Bruno Lepoivre

Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Prevention Market

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