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Direct Receiving Station

Get access to the most comprehensive satellite Constellation directly through your DRS

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What is a DRS?

A Direct Receiving Station (DRS) provides you with direct access to our complete Earth observation satellite constellation. With the Pléiades Neo, SPOT, Pléiades, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X satellites, we offer direct access to sensors that are 100% commercially accessible. 

As a DRS partner, you can manage new data acquisition and archive data requirements regarding Very High-Resolution (VHR), High-Resolution (HR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, as well as digital services available in the cloud or locally in your DRS.


  • A modular and secure turnkey solution to satellite imagery reception
  • Tasking, acquisition and archiving of image telemetry 
  • System terminal for processing telemetry into image products and data dissemination
  • Specific training programmes, 24/7 support and technical maintenance provided

Did you know ?

A DRS allows you to receive an image up to 30 minutes after its acquisition 

Your advantages with a Direct Receiving Station

Become the pilot of your satellite data collection in your area

Attractive pricing

Premium partnership for tasking and accessing our Constellation


Acquisition plan updates at every orbit and data is received at the end of each visibility circle

Secure environment

High-end secure environment for tasking and receiving your Earth observation data

Flexibility and simplicity

Get personalised support and advice from our experts

Who can a DRS support?

DRS are useful for many domains

Direct Receiving Station - Antenna
Defence and Security

Secure environment, autonomy on data reception and large data collection for fast monitoring, change detection and area control 


Rapid access to tasking and a Constellation of satellites including optical and radar for improved economic zone control

Emergency and rescue operations / Crisis management

Large data collection capabilities, direct access to satellite resources and fast tasking/reception loop for evacuation planning and post event operations

Governmental mapping organisations

High control on data gathering policy, large area acquisition and premium access to satellite data for regular national coverage and regional monitoring

A DRS is the core of a national or regional Earth observation center's operation

DRS provides users with a fast and secure access to the Airbus constellation in order to collect large volume of high-accuracy data. With a dedicated support team and an access to our tasking process, DRS partners are capable of managing their collection operation with a high level of autonomy.

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about DRS and how it can meet your business needs.

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PASCO supports disaster prevention, mitigation and emergency response activities using its geospatial information technology to secure lives and property to help avoid stagnation in economic activities. The benefits that Pléiades and SPOT imagery provides can be combined with other geospatial information and data so that PASCO can help responders prioritise disaster response and reconstruction work.

Ishizuka Takaya

Satellite Business Division - PASCO

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DRS in action

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