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Pixel Factory Neo by Airbus DS : Photogrammetry and Mapping Software

Imagery Processing from Pixel Factory Neo

Professional photogrammetry and mapping software, taking Earth observation data processing to the next level

Do you need to produce accurate, seamless, cloudless country-wide mosaics automatically – with a few hours? Create accurate 3D textured models from very high-resolution satellite imagery with Pixel Factory Neo.


What is Pixel Factory Neo?


What is Pixel Factory Neo?

Pixel Factory Neo enables you to easily process high quality Earth observation products.
Compatible with any optical sensor, from satellites to UAVs and aerial images, Pixel Factory Neo is the best tool to create accurate geospatial products.

The Pixel Factory solutions suite represents a state-of-the-art, scalable, high performance geo-processing system designed to produce a wide range of cartographic end products of unparalleled quality.


  • Mix your multi-sensor data
  • Process multi-layered products DEM,cloud-free mosaics and 3D TIN models
  • Save time on automatic production and focus on quality control steps
  • Expert support through training and production assistance

Did you know ?

Pixel Factory Neo can be customised to suit your needs. New sensor, new workflow, new feature - choose what you need to enhance the solution.

Your advantages with Pixel Factory Neo

The most powerful photogrametric software available! Scalable without limits, automatic workflows and collaborative editors


Automatically use the best reference layers in 2D and 3D to produce seamless country-wide mosaics and 3D city models.

Maximum flexibility

No limitation in terms of volume and size of data. Whether it's huge volumes of data or small batches, we've got the solution.

Optimised productivity

Thanks to automatically defined workflows and/or customised workflows, you can save time and reduce the costs of manual steps.

Powerful editors

Use our powerful and collaborative editors to improve your manual quality steps.

Who can Pixel Factory Neo support?

A valuable tool for numerous applications

Pixel Factory Neo by Airbus DS : Photogrammetry and Mapping Software
Cartographic or mapping companies

Handling massive data, ensuring continuous production, delivering high productivity and maintaining a very high level of product accuracy.

Spatial agencies

Creating time series, ensuring continuous production, handling massive data and maintaining a very high level of product accuracy between each generation.

Governmental mapping organisations

On-premises solution, delivering a very high level of product accuracy, ensuring high productivity and providing a high level of support.

Why is Pixel Factory so powerful?

Deployed on a bare metal system or in the cloud, processing vast volumes of raw Earth observation data has never been easier. In the same project, you can efficiently process multiple sensor inputs and generate a range of base layer products, including DSM, DTM, Ortho images, True Ortho™ images, cloud-free mosaics, and 3D TIN models. Benefit from time-saving automatic predefined workflows or customise your own, allowing you to streamline production and focus on quality control steps using our collaborative editors.

Leverage the benefits of reference layers:
- Geolocation improvement or radiometric adjustment is easy!
- Automatic processing can be done on your Reference Layers or the Airbus products like SRP, Ref3D basemap or WorldDem4Ortho

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Pixel Factory Neo and how it can meet your business needs.

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What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

Pixel Factory has been supporting the National Geospatial Agency of Indonesia (Badan Informasi Geospasial/BIG) since 2014. We've conducted multiple orthorectification projects covering an area of almost 1.4 million square kilometres and involving a huge amount of multi-sensor raw satellite images, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and surveyed Ground Control Points (GCPs). The advanced workflows of Pixel Factory have helped us in automating processes such as tie point generation, bundle adjustment, cutline creation, and mosaicking efficiently and accurately. Pixel Factory is a powerful software capable of performing image processing tasks over vast areas like Indonesia, making it our go-to software for geospatial image productivity.

Batoro Wisnu

Coordinator for basic geospatial data provision

Pixel Factory's cloud removal capability has allowed MYSA to process cloud-contaminated images with ease, enabling them to recover valuable ground information. Furthermore, Pixel Factory's seamless cloud-free mosaic has enhanced MYSA's capabilities to produce high-quality images for satellite image application systems, known as GovRS-Apps, to meet the country's strategic needs.

Nik Mazlina & Nik Mustapha

MYSA, Malaysian Space Agency

MYSA logo

Airbus technicians and trainers have been invaluable in assisting us with problem-solving.

Ferman Setia

Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional

Badan Riset Dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN) Logo
Imagery processing in action

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