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STYRIS Maritime Coastal Surveillance System

STYRIS® | Maritime Coastal Surveillance System

Enhancing safety and security at sea

STYRIS® - Airbus Masters Maritime Safety and Security

STYRIS® - Airbus Masters Maritime Safety and Security at Sea


What is STYRIS®?

A system dedicated to maritime surveillance, reconnaissance, and traffic monitoring. It aims to improve maritime situational awareness, serving the needs of both national agencies and economic entities. STYRIS® is a system that facilitates the integration of a wide range of sensors (cameras, radars, AIS, weather sensors, RDF, …). By fusing data from these sensors, STYRIS® generates a real-time, recognised maritime picture.


  • Multi-sensor system
  • Capability for multi-centre coordination
  • Record and replay functionality for accurate analysis and decision-making
  • Management of customised alerts and traffic pattern analysis
Did you know ?

STYRIS® is a reference product in the field of maritime surveillance and reconnaissance. This system has been deployed in over 250 locations worldwide and has monitored more than 40,000km of coastline!

Your advantages with STYRIS®

The leading reference system for maritime surveillance today


Can adapt to any configuration in customers' system architecture, whether integrating sensors from a previous system or deploying a full, new one


Ensuring the highest standards of security


Relying on more than 30 years of continuous improvements and expertise


Provides real-time, at-a-glance access to accurate information

STYRIS® | Maritime Coastal Surveillance Systems

Which missions can STYRIS® support?

Any mission related to ensuring maritime sovereignty, securing traffic and protecting environment

  • Coastal surveillance and sea watch
    STYRIS® detects and tracks vessels, to identify potential threats and illegal activities, and support Search and Rescue activities
  • Vessel traffic services
    STYRIS® is deployed in ports and harbours to facilitate traffic organisation, provide comprehensive information and offer navigational assistance to vessels traveling through the maritime area
  • Critical infrastructure protection
    STYRIS® helps protecting oil and gas terminals, offshore windmills, underwater cables areas
  • Environmental protection
    STYRIS®supports the protection of maritime resources and natural protected areas

Choose heritage and robustness with STYRIS®

Since its first deployment more than 30 years ago, STYRIS® has been continously improved to meet evolving market needs and fulfill customers expectations, whether they are new or returning users.

STYRIS® aligns with international conventions and laws that define the responsibilities of states in their respective maritime domains (EEZ, Territorial Waters, Coastal Areas, Ports and Waterways). 

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about STYRIS® and how it can meet your needs.

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What our customers say

Our STYRIS® product is recommended by industry experts just like you

Ensuring an informed vision of maritime activities in real-time throughout the national metropolitan territory is a technological prowess. We value the strong relationship that we have established over the years with Airbus and we count on Airbus team to continuously integrate technological advances to maintain our position at the cutting edge of innovation in the field of Maritime surveillance. Improved and new capabilities will allow us to face new and bigger terms of protecting our maritime borders and perform coastal surveillance missions.

Commander Laurent Frayssignes

Spationav program officer, French Navy


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