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Airbus Operational Support Services provide continuous support throughout a system’s life-span

Operational Support Services

Ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the systems’ life-span

Our commitment to our customers and partners does not end with the system delivery. We support users throughout the entire life-span of the system to improve system availability in pursuit of full customer satisfaction.

ITIL process

What is Fortion® SuRVIn STIC?

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective. With our experts in Operational Support Services, we are by your side throughout the life-span of your systems. Systems covered by our service are, amongst others, Open Source Intelligence Software, Fortion® Workflow, Fortion® Image Analyst, Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst and Fortion® CSD.

We are a trusted partner, providing services which cover all aspects of customer support including but not limited to technical support and incident management, change management and software upgrades, provision of spare parts, repairs workflow management (reverse logistics) and obsolescence management whilst observing KPIs and ensuring continuous improvement. Our service also includes measures related to cyber security to guarantee protection of the supported systems against cyber threats.

Key Features

  • Dedicated and available point of contact at user helpdesk, for any request, incident and problem reporting, reachable by phone and/or email
  • Robust Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process to record and follow all requests in order to provide an adapted solution in the shortest time
  • Multi-level treatment of requests according to complexity and criticality; ranging from application support to reproduction of the incident to understand the cause on to suggestion of mitigation measures to preserve system availability and, lastly, problem-solving
  • On site intervention for critical issues that cannot be solved remotely or for patch or software version installation
  • Rigorous management system to record and follow all requests as well as to provide reporting and KPIs for continuous improvement
Did you know?

Our unrivalled expertise for over three decades in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, intelligence extraction, fusion and dissemination allied to significant command and control capabilities enables us to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

Your advantages with Operational Support services

Service quality

Reliable services enhance system availability throughout system life-span

Operational readiness

Quick problem-solving ensuring system availability

Service reliability

Trusted partner providing support throughout system life-span

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you more information about our Operational Support Services and how they can meet your business needs.

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