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Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst

ELINT exploitation software application

Fortion® EWA is an exploitation software application for identifying, localising, tracking and characterising electromagnetic emitters in order to produce the Electronic Order of Battle (EOB).

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst - Display EOB Intervisibility

What is Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst?

Fortion Electronic Warfare Analyst (EWA) is a modern and user-friendly software for multi-sensor exploitation with a key focus on Electronic Intelligence ELINT sensors.

It collects electromagnetic activity information from various types of sensors (radio communication, radar, jammer, from lines of bearing and parametric information).

It is a multi-operational tool for both tactical and strategic ELINT production that computes emitter position and uncertainty ellipse and defines the electronic order of battle.

Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst - Reporting screen

A powerful tool

Fortion EWA is interoperable, it can be integrated within a NATO CESMO network and is interfaced with NATO Emitters Database for emitter identification.

It enables the transfer and storage of tasks and intelligence data for exploitation, via connected networks within an accessible database, for instance Fortion®CSD. It offers the integration of Fortion® RECCE Engine and Fortion® IMINT KDB® modules to support the user with the detection, recognition and identification of objects.

Fortion EWA can also handle several types of networks and provides an interface to a distributed database, collaboration platform as well as workflow software.

Key features

  • Elaboration of the Electronic Order of Battle (EOB)
  • Identification of emitter through the Emitter Database
  • Automatic / manual Lines of Bearing (LoB) fusion for localisation and tracking
  • Display and analysis of LoB (heat map, coloring, filtering) and EOB
Did you know?

Our unrivalled expertise for over three decades in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, intelligence extraction, fusion and dissemination allied to significant command and control capabilities enables us to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

Your advantages with Fortion® Electronic Warfare Analyst

Fully part of the IRM & CM processes

Contributes to the Common Intelligence Picture

Keeps the EOB and knowledge of enemy emitters up-to-date

Supports NATO standards for L16, video, GMTI, reporting and symbols

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