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Defense solution: Integrated Product Support

Integrated Product Support (IPS)

Ensuring life-long availability of systems in operation

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What is Integrated Product Support (IPS)?

Integrated Product Support (IPS) is a process linked to system engineering, aimed at ensuring the supportability & sustainability of complex systems. It focuses on optimising operational availability throughout the entire life cycle of these systems.

  • Service concept based on ConOps
  • Reliability, maintainability, testability (RMT) analysis
  • Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Service solution design and eco-design analysis (energy consumption, recycling)
  • Technical data and publications
  • Life Cycle Cost analysis and management (LCC)
Did you know?

Integrated Product Support experts provide guidance on designing complex systems optimally to ensure they are maintainable, reliable and, testable (RMT). Their goal is to reduce life-cycle costs (LCC) and improve system availability.

Your advantages with the IPS

Our IPS experts guarantee that the system is adapted to your operational concept.

Cost efficiency

Achieving cost efficiency by optimising system and product life-cycle costs


Ensuring system availability and extending operational life

Facilitated support

System is designed in such a way as to facilitate support and limit the impact on the environment

User training and user-oriented documentation

Training enables customer to achieve operational efficiency. Comprehensive technical documentation facilitates operation and maintenance.

Defense solution: Integrated Product Support application domain
What can IPS support ?
  • Products and systems which are built to last, with product life-cycles typically spannin for 20-30 years or more
  • Keeping complex systems performing, available, and operational in a cost-efficient way throughout their entire product life-cycle, from the design phase through production and into operation

Our references

Better understand our experience

Country-specific reference

  • RIFAN2 (French Navy)
  • NUMTACT (French Army)
  • IDZ (German Army)
  • FGBADS (e.g. Dutch Army) 
  • IMESS (Swiss Army)
  • EAGLE VISION program (US Government)
  • MEV, DEUKA, Typ5, MSE, OSRK, SAMOC for German customers

Transnational references

  • HELIOS and SAR-LUPE (European Defence) 
  • AGS (NATO)
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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about the Integrated Product Support (IPS) and how it can meet your business needs.

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