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Defence Fortion Massive Media Mining intelligence software

Fortion Massive MediaMining - Advanced data exploitation for intelligence

Collect, process and analyse huge amounts of unstructured data coming from open intelligence or cyber sources, using dedicated exploitation and analysis capabilities


What is Fortion® Massive MediaMining?

It's the OSINT module of Fortion® Massive Intelligence, our Multi-Int cloud-based platform. 
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it supports the analysts in automatically finding and extracting key information among huge amounts of unstructured datasets coming from open and human sources. This tool can be coupled with external collection solutions to ingest data coming from the web, as well as the deep and dark web.

  • Automatic or on-demand processing of text, image, audio and video content
  • Support of multiple languages and dialects (including rare forms) with automated transcription and translation
  • Capitalisation in our Fortion® IKDB (Intelligence Knowledge DataBase), offering advanced functionalities
  • Various visualisation tools such as dashboards
Did you know?

Allows automatic information extraction and automatic processing within the cloud (public, private or hybrid).  It provides features such as recognition of entities of interest, semantic analysis, automatic translation tools, speech-to-text, video / audio filtering, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and speaker identification

Your advantages with Fortion® Massive MediaMining

Our IPS experts guarantee that the system is adapted to your operational concept.


Comprehensive module for data processing


Open framework: designed for easy integration in complex Multi-Int cloud-based solutions


Easy integration of third-party collection modules

Defence Fortion Massive Media Mining fire image
Who can Fortion® Massive MediaMining support?
  • Defence organisations
  • Safety and security services
Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Open Source Intelligence Software and how it can meet your needs.

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Fortion® Massive Intelligence

Fortion® Massive Intelligence

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