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Airbus Intelligence provides associated long-term services for our defence products and solutions


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Our customers operate in challenging environments working with complex systems and solutions. We support them with a holistic and integrated support approach to ensure optimum cost-efficiency and system performance.

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Key projects call for a holistic and integrated solution that covers the entire life-cycle of complex products and systems.

We provide turn-key solutions that include long-term associated services such as Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), In-Service Support (ISS), and Operational Support Service as well as software tools for the In-Service Support phase (IMS) and for the planning and exploration of deployable infrastructures to ensure optimum cost-efficiency and system performance.

Airbus Intelligence spare parts management

Integrated logistic support

Our products and systems are built to last with product life-cycles typically running for 20-30 years or even longer. It is, therefore, important to keep these complex systems performing, available, and operational in a cost-efficient way throughout their entire product life-cycle.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is a process that supports complex systems or products from design to production to operation. With decades of experience, we are a trusted partner in this initial and crucial stage.

Airbus In-Service Support System acceptance campaign

In-Service Support

We assist you during the in-service support phase and beyond, offering the most efficient systems and products performance to the users to ensure long-term operational readiness. We have long-standing experience with both national and international large-scale customer projects and diverse framework agreements. With our In-Service Support we help you to keep your systems at peak performance and optimal availability during their entire life-cycle.

Airbus Intelligence operational support service

Operational Support Services

We are a trusted partner, providing services which cover all aspects of customer support including but not limited to technical support and incident management, change management and software upgrades, provision of spare parts, repairs workflow management (reverse logistics) and obsolescence management whilst observing KPIs and ensuring continuous improvement. Our service also includes measures related to cyber security to guarantee protection of the supported systems against cyber threats.

Planning and Exploration Tool: field hospital 3D view

Construction planning for deployable infrastructures

The Planning and Exploration Tool (PET) takes efficient construction planning for the quick and easy deployment of mobile infrastructures, including the technical infrastructure, to the next level.


In-Service support software IMS

Our Information Management System (IMS) assists you during the in-service support phase and beyond, enabling the most efficient system performance to ensure long-term operational readiness. The IMS, already successfully used by more than 1,000 soldiers, is a software solution and collaboration platform designed to manage the in-service support requirements of customers in military environments.

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