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Land Analytics

OneAtlas turns imagery into accurate, detailed extractions of land use features with cartographic precision, anywhere on the planet.

Land cover maps over Egypt, powered by Airbus analytics

What are Land Analytics?

Extract a digitized map of your area of interest whether it is a local district or a full country. We offer two analytics: our home-made 8-class land use analytics, fully automated and specialised for various industries, and we partner with Ecopia AI to provide a unique semi-automated solution to quickly map, at scale, the most challenging parts of the globe through 12-class land use features.

Both analytics use Pléiades 50cm or Pléiades Neo 30cm imagery and is available via the OneAtlas Data Interface or API.


  • City, country or region-scale
  • Airbus worldwide imagery: Pléiades 50cm or Pléiades Neo 30cm
  • Specific land use responding to various industries: agriculture, urbanism, Defence, environment…
Did you know ?

Our Land Analytics guarantee high quality at scale with +95% accuracy to extract specific land use features and trends


At Airbus, we ensure the best in class service for all industries.

Access reliable results

95%+ guaranteed accuracy

Rely on up-to-date imagery

Access our fresh premium archive or tasking service

Leverage our team of experts and partners for customer projects & industry-specific solutions

Use only the classes you need

Results delivered in ready-to-use-formats

OneAtlas access, vector or GeoJSON

High Accuracy Map Extraction of buildings and roads in Ha Long (Vietnam), in partnership with Ecopia AI

Our analytics partners

Ecopia leverages AI to convert high-resolution images of our Earth into high-definition (HD) Vector Maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into critical decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale. Ecopia’s HD Vector Maps are leveraged for hundreds of commercial and government applications across over 100 countries around the world

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Satellite image Map product

Case studies

Discover how our Land Analytics can respond to your needs

OneAtlas Analytics over city landscape satellite image
Land Administration and Mapping

Supporting Land Administration using OneAtlas Imagery and Ecopia Vector Maps

OneAtlas Analytics offers high accuracy map extraction capabilities using industry-leading Vector Maps from Ecopia, which enable users to quickly build highly accurate mapping layers that are typically resource intensive.

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Pléiades Neo 30cm Imagery : Grand palais, paris France - 30cm resolution

Pléiades Neo

Our most advanced optical constellation with the highest resolution capacity

Pléiades Neo satellite image - 30 cm resolution - Rouen, France

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Airbus reference Layers - Illustration

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