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Pléiades Neo applications campus

CNES and Airbus are launching the Applications Campus using Pléiades Neo satellite data through three calls for innovation projects by the third quarter of 2024. French companies and startups will be able to develop space application offers to an international vocation with the support of both entities.


Three calls for projects will be launched by the third quarter of 2024 by CNES and Airbus through an application file. Space innovation projects using Pléiades Neo data will be selected by a CNES and Airbus committee,  from February 2024. The first will be focused on four use cases, the following two will be open to all themes.

Get started with application file
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A tripartite agreement between CNES, Airbus and the project leader will establish the implementation and support arrangements. No financial support is provided, but rather, each selected project will benefit from a Pléiades Neo dataset, open source tools and human, technical and business support. At the end of the support phase, a commercial suite can be studied and implemented with the project leader.

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Pléiades Neo applications campus rules
Project support

• The Agreement is carried out without exchange of funds, each party covering its own costs. 

• CNES and Airbus are committed to supporting the projects selected by: 

  • The provision of means allowing the development of specific solutions or tools, 
  • The access to a Pléiades Neo dataset in the archive through a technical evaluation license,
  • Human, technical and business expertise and support, during the implementation of the innovation project. 

• The duration of support will not exceed one year.

Roles and responsibilities of the selected operator
  • Carrying out the innovation project. 
  • A regular review of progress of results 
  • The development and the delivery of a results report
  • A business plan for the geospatial solution
  • A summary of intellectual property assets existing and  created by the innovation project 
  • A summary of property  and operating rights for CNES, Airbus and the operator
  • Prior signature of a tripartite agreement with CNES and Airbus.
  • Prior signature of the Pléiades Neo image evaluation license technique
Intellectual property
  • The Partners grant the project leader a free and non-exclusive license to use the tools making up the Common Technical Base. This user license is strictly limited to use allowing the realization of the innovation project internally at the project leader.
  • The rights to use Pléiades Neo data are governed by the Technical Evaluation License provided here.
Calls for projects

First call for projects

  • February 22, 2024: Launch Call for projects n°1. 2024 
  • Any French company, including small businesses (SMEs, startups), can submit an application 
  • Four use cases for Pléiades Neo: 
    • Detection and characterization of illegal dumps
    • Monitoring forest regeneration (post-fire, replanting) 
    • Monitoring the volume of water in reservoirs and bodies of water
    • Use of images in Large Language Models


Selection schedule

  • February 22, 2024: Launch Call for projects n°1. 
  • March 15, 2024: Closing date for submission of applications. 
  • March 29, 2024: Return to the candidates. 
  • April 19, 2024: Signature of agreements with the selected holders.

Second and third calls for projects

  • Open by the third quarter of 2024 (announcements to come on LinkedIn) 
  • All themes

Selection criteria 

  • Commercial potential of the proposed application
  • Innovative nature of the proposed solution
  • Relevance of Pléiades Néo data for the proposed application 
  • Involvement of the future service operator and end users

How to apply 


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