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COP27 | Climate Change Conference

Smart city: the future of our planet


To mark the end of COP27 on Friday 18th November 2022, we wanted to share with you a  Pléiades Neo image over Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt to highlight the positive changes that some countries are making by developing  Smart Cities.

The link between Northern Europe and Norway, Sweden & Germany is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Located in the region of Oresund, the capital is divided in 10 districts where one of them is called Nordhavn.

As Scandinavia’s largest and most ambitious urban development project to date, Nordhavn is a new district within Copenhagen, which focuses on supporting Copenhagen’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2025 by promoting liveability and sustainability.

To make this possible from 2015 to 2019, 12 partners in Denmark’s largest and most ambitious smart energy project collaborated to develop new methods and solutions for designing and operating tomorrow’s flexible and integrated energy system-solutions that will accelerate an effective green transition in Nordvahn.

To illustrate and highlight Nordvahn’s smart energy implementation, our expert team has compared two Pléiades Neo images at two different points in time: 25th April 2022 and 6th October 2022.

The harbour is the first of its kind to be fully constructed in concrete and also the first in the world to replace mechanical power with electric power.



Illustration 1: Buildings with solar panels on the roof

Sustainable energy solutions are also used and developed in Nordhavn:



Illustration 2: Buildings with green roof

The harbour restoration also includes the refurbishment of the Marina, which includes new buildings which can pick up the sun’s radiation, allowing for longer exposure winter and an exposure of the shortest sides during the summer).



Illustration 3: Marina under construction


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