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Storm in Mississippi, USA

Mississippi State in the USA was hit by sudden storms on Sunday, 26th March. The aftermath of the storms in the city of Rolling Fork can be monitored in the following two before-and-after Pléiades Neo images.

The first image was captured on 13th March, 2023, while the second one was taken after the storms on 28th March, 2023, allowing us to assess the extent of the damage. The satellite images have been used to create several zoomed-in extracts, which reveal the destruction of residential areas and industrial sites. Several zoom-ins have been created from the satellites images, allowing us to observe the extent of damage to residential and industrial areas that were impacted by the storms.

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Storm aftermath
Storm aftermath
Storm aftermath
Storm aftermath
Storm aftermath
Storm aftermath
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27 November 2023
Airbus selected as multi-year Basemap provider for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Airbus selected as multi-year Basemap provider for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

23 November 2023

Pléiades Neo 2 years anniversary

21 November 2023

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