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Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Fort Myers Beach is a barrier island on the southwestern coast of Florida. The area sustained extensive damage when hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday 28 September 2022.

The winds, the storm surge and torrential rains from the Category 4 hurricane caused heavy flooding that destroyed many homes and businesses in the area.

The use of two Pléiades Neo images that captured before and after views, makes it possible to evaluate the damage caused by the hurricane on the the road networks, the economic infrastructures, vegetation and surrounding areas. Post event satellite imagery shows the force of Hurricane Ian and our thoughts are with those affected by the disaster.

The Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier

The 170 m of the pier were washed away leaving only the pillars planted in the sand. The shape of the beach has changed profoundly, including tons of sand that have overflowed onto the city covering the roads and parking lots, and also damaging homes and surrounding vegetation.

Demise of an entire neighborhood

The waves lifted fishing and pontoon boats that were docked at this marina and tossed them on top of one another along the tree-lined peninsula.

A marina in shreds

The waves lifted the pontoons and pleasure boats moored at this marina and propelled them on top of each other on a tree-lined peninsula.






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