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Improved Command and Control for Land Operations

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Defence operations have become more complex, with hostile groups becoming increasingly agile due to having access to a plethora of lethal weapons. As a result, land forces are suffering from a lack of reliable information to safely conduct their missions.

  • Get reliable information
  • Collect battlefield information
  • Improve data sharing
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Our Solution

Fortion® TacticalC2 enables accurate situational awareness including visualisation of deployed troops, thanks to the real-time Blue Force Tracking capability.   It collects battlefield information from a wide variety of sources and shares it through a tactical map, improving the overall decision making process.

Advanced connection and data synchronisation

The platform connects information from civilian and military sources, such as specialised intelligence offices, ISR sensors, and soldiers in the field. Lengthy and heavy processes from the past (paper reports, voice communication) are now reduced thanks to digital reports (including pictures, videos and audio recordings) that can easily be shared.
Fortion® TacticalC2 implements a real data synchronisation of all documents within the command post workstations and the volume of data to be sent is optimised to take into account the tactical network’s capacity.

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  • Collaboration and synchronisation all along the chain of command
  • Simplified and accelerated sharing of information
  • Improved efficiency of missions

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