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Fortion® TacticalC2 battle management system

Fortion® TacticalC2

Tactical Battle Management Software

Fortion® TacticalC2_ The Forces’ Command Software preview video

Fortion TacticalC2 Overview


The Forces’ Command Software

Fortion® TacticalC2 is a Command and Control software solution for army mission preparation and execution, providing a Common Operational Picture in command centres and combat vehicles.
It enables the users to send and receive orders, reports, alerts, course of action and establish the ORBAT (ORder of BATtle). It allows a complete understanding of the terrain and the visualization of deployed troops.

  • Order of Battle and shared situational awareness
  • Terrain calculation: Inter-visibility, distances based on WordDEM™
  • Map display: military and civilian formats incl. satellite imagery and OneAtlas® connection
  • External interfaces: GPS, tactical radios (PR4G, Harris Falcon II), PMR (Tetra, Tetrapol) and LTE, integration with the French STC-E (commserver)
Did you know?

Fortion TacticalC2 can be installed on 4 different hardware configurations: tablets, laptops, desktops and touchscreen tables

Your advantages with Fortion TacticalC2

The ideal tool to prepare and conduct your mission

Real time

Blue force position acquisition in real time to get the most up-to-date information about the situation of own forces


Leverage the weapon systems effects by providing an accurate and real time threat situation

Radio bandwidth

Optimised use of radio bandwidth thanks to smart and adapted compression

Secure communications

Data transfer used as much as possible instead of voice

Defence: Fortion® TacticalC2 use case image

Who can Fortion TacticalC2 support?

  • Armed forces
    Equipment of command posts and vehicles
  • Border surveillance
    Equipment of border guard patrollers and sector Headquarters
  • Public Safety
    Equipment of security command centres (e.g. Deployable command posts for large events or disaster relief)
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Fortion® TacticalC2 in action

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Fortion® TacticalC2 battle management system

Improved Command and Control for Land Operations

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