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AI in Defence

AI Contribution in defence

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the centre of every discussion, whether it’s for personal or business related reasons. In defence, AI has also made its way to data management. Guillaume Gadek is a passionate engineer in mathematics and a doctor in IT, specialising in AI and data analysis tools. He investigates new capabilities around AI from a scientific point of view and integrates them into the Airbus product portfolio for customers.

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How is data processed and used in the Defence world?

In defence, operations are conducted based on the Intelligence cycle, consisting of four steps: orient, observe, decide and act. Therefore, concretely, this means it's all about locating the enemy and determining the best action to take. This loop is implemented at every level, starting with the individual soldier. The challenge lies in the influx of data that comes from various sources, in particularly open platforms such as social media. For example, a tweet could confirm enemy presence in an area, while a satellite image might reveal unusual activity at an aerodrome. AI significantly simplifies users' lives by streamlining their tasks. Without AI, their work would resemble searching for a needle in a haystack!

Advantages and Drawbacks

What are the advantages and drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence within Defence?

I for Intelligence empowers our customers to automatically process vast data sources and implement analysis tools on a massive scale. This ensures that all data sources are considered and the information is presented clearly to the end users. Alerts are generated to draw attention to suspicious items, while Data aggregation enhances the understanding of general trends. Users maintain competence and can handle larger volumes of well-processed data, aiding decision-making in daily missions.

However, it’s important to note that artificial intelligence is neither magic nor flawless. It is a sophisticated technology composed of several independent components, each specialising in a specific task. For example, we have an AI dedicated to improving the quality of satellite images, another for identifying planes in satellite imagery and another for translating texts or speech, facilitating communication between soldiers and local communities worldwide, fostering citizen trust. 

Despite these capabilities, AI does not produce perfect predictions. We still need to assess errors and mistakes and mistakes, as shown by our own experiences with automated translation online. 

AI in Defence

What makes Artificial Intelligence within Defence a fascinating topic?

AI is essential for defence. The efficiency gained in time, quality and breadth of data coverage is significant. AI introduces capabilities that not only transform army deployment but also impact areas such as camouflage clothing design and supply management. With such technology, everything is possible. Forces must seize these opportunities and also prepare to defend against threats leveraging AI. Staying competitive in this landscape is paramount.

AI offers boundless possibilities and job opportunities across diverse domains. It is a field that focuses on creativity and innovation, driven by individuals who continually want to push boundaries. 

Working in this field means having a significant impact on our actions and responsibilities. It spans various domains including: air, land, sea and cyber, as well as encompassing different languages and job roles.

Artificial Intelligence within defence introduces numerous subjects and challenges demanding both expertise and dedication. It's important to remember that despite early innovations, we're still in the early stages of its potential in this sector.

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