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Defence: Fortion® Massive Intelligence

Fortion® Massive Intelligence

From data to knowledge for key decision-making

Defence: Fortion® Massive Intelligence - Preview video

Fortion Massive Intelligence Overview


What is Massive Intelligence?

Fortion® Massive Intelligence is Airbus' collaborative platform that enables the unified exploitation of all available data and knowledge production. Its functions include collection, processing, exploitation and fusion of huge volumes of heterogeneous data, supported by automated processing and smart dissemination. This disruptive intelligence capability directly supports decision makers at all levels of command. 

  • Unified federated search through the whole data lake
  • Processing of structured and unstructured data
  • Cloud architecture (public or private)
  • Powerful analytics and Artificial Intelligence to correlate activities automatically, detect anomalies and discover links between objects and pieces of information
Did you know?

Whether the user needs to combine multi-sources services or to only use specific analytics, the high flexibility of Fortion® Massive Intelligence allows for the easy adaption and integration of existing assets.

Your advantages with Fortion Massive Intelligence

The ideal tool to address Big Data challenges

Increased productivity

Concentrate human expertise on the right tasks thanks to a high level of automation

Threat anticipation

Flexible and highly efficient detection, prediction, alerting & reporting

Easy integration

Open and modular cloud-based platform


Agile need-to-know management

Defence: Fortion® Massive Intelligence diagram image

Which use cases can Fortion Massive Intelligence support?

  • Defence Military Intelligence: Counter terrorism and/or Military Situational Awareness 
  • Defence & Security Strategic Sites Surveillance 
  • Maritime surveillance on piracy: detection of suspicious vessel activities
  • Cross-Border Management Joint Police Cooperation and intelligence coordination
  • Public emergency medical systems
  • Information Warfare

The latest step of Airbus Intelligence portfolio digitalisation

Fortion Massive Intelligence is based on advanced technologies such as machine learning and semantic analysis. Not only can it aggregate information from imagery, open sources, signals, cyber or human intelligence, but it can also integrate your own data and analytics.

Defence: Fortion® Massive Intelligence Knowledge interface

Capitalise knowledge

While capitalising knowledge, the user benefits from advanced search functionalities such as advanced text search with facet, semantic search, visual search, multimedia search, spatial view of entities, network view of entities, information correlation and automatic entity extraction.

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Fortion® Massive Intelligence and how it can meet your needs.

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Fortion® Massive Intelligence in action

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SPOT satellite imagery - 1,5m resolution - Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia
Forestry and Environment

Starling | Promoting green development in the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia

Our efforts in Aceh Tamiang have revolved around partnering with the government and aiding their efforts to implement a green development plan. 

SPOT, 1,5m resolution satellite imagery -  Amazon River, Peru
Forestry and Environment

Starling | Impacting the Amazon and other key landscapes in Peru

Our work in Peru started in 2015, when – with our support – Nestle approached supplier Grupo Palmas with regard to plans to plant oil palm on about 23,000 hectares of primary forest in the Peruvian Amazon.

SPOT, 1,5m resolution satellite imagery- Cavally Forest, Ivory Coast
Forestry and Environment

Starling | Regenerating the Cavally Forest in Ivory Coast

The Cavally Forest Reserve is one of the last intact forest reserves in Ivory Coast, the world’s top producer of cocoa. Most of this cocoa is grown by small farmers, and Ivory Coast has lost a significant amount of forests trying to meet global chocolate demand. 

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