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Airbus introduces SpatiaCore!

Formerly known as Geospatial Financial Hub, SpatiaCore helps to empower finance and insurance with location insights and future intelligence


SpatiaCore, formerly known as Geospatial Financial Hub, is Airbus’ property risk analysis solution for finance and insurance. As the landscape of the finance and insurance industries evolve, so does the need for risk assessment tools.

SpatiaCore is the new name of Airbus’ Geospatial Financial Hub following its development and expansion of new features, including API services, more hazard and physical risk data, climate change reporting support and much more.

The SpatiaCore team is aware that understanding environmental risk can be complex and is a key task for mortgage lenders, conveyancers, property surveyors, valuers, reinsurers and insurance underwriters. These parties are reliant on data at all stages of the investment process to help reduce their risk exposure. Additionally, the failure to understand another stakeholder’s assessment criteria can result in decisions based on assumption and undisclosed information. Airbus’ SpatiaCore is a suite of geospatial products and services providing; data, portfolio risk assessment, climate change reporting, consultancy services, industry insights as well as business process improvement.

The latest feature in the SpatiaCore suite is our API services. The team has worked hard to develop configurable SpatiaCore APIs which can provide a bespoke combination of data, updated as it becomes available, and allow for the delivery of data directly to customer’s systems to improve processes and support business operations. We aim to help customers realise efficiencies as API’s are great for customers who do not want the costs of hosting and maintaining the large amount of data themselves, but wish to access the latest data on demand as part of their applications.

With climate change increasing the frequency of extreme weather events and temperature changes globally, evaluating the current and future risk of environmental hazards at asset level has become increasingly important. SpatiaCore provides climate change analysis for support with internal reporting, provision assessments and regulatory reporting. Additionally, our experience with Earth observation data enables us to help our customers you further assess their portfolios and measure and manage their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria.

SpatiaCore has been developed to reflect the changing environmental and regulatory factors to help to keep lenders, risk managers, insurance underwriters, ahead of the curve.


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