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Monitor deforestation across your supply chain and comply with EUDR | Starling

Verify your forest impact and deliver on your deforestation-free and net zero commitments


Global geospatial solution to measure environmental impact across supply chains


What is Starling?

Starling’s user-friendly digital platform can help you reach your no-deforestation and net zero commitments faster, by measuring the environmental impact across your supply chain. Providing high quality intelligence on forestry changes, Starling is able to identify issues, prioritise actions and above all match insights with clearly identified institutional and market needs. Our platform can support you in fulfilling your obligations linked to the upcoming EU Deforestation Regulations (EUDR) as well as your Scope 3 GHG accounting standard.

Starling has used over 1.3 millions images from Sentinel-2, Landsat and Airbus since its launch in 2017.

  • TRACK FOREST CHANGES: Basemap depicting natural forests and main landscape features over a time series of 20 years
  • MONITORING: Identification of changes in forest cover and raising alerts when appropriate
  • TRACEABILITY TO PLANTATION (TTP): Links different operating units throughout the supply chain to help determine suppliers’ connection to deforestation
  • PLATFORM: A customised dashboard enables a quick and straightforward overview of end-users’ position in no-deforestation verified supply chains
  • DIAGNOSTIC AND PROCESS REPORTS on deforestation verification, supply chain tracking and EUDR compliance
  • A TEAM OF EXPERTS to provide you with personalised support, adapted to the real needs of your company
Did you know?

Born out of a collaborative venture between Airbus, satellite operator/developer and leader in the aerospace sector, and the Earthworm Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that supports companies in meeting responsible sourcing challenges, Starling’s ambition is to combine state-of-the art satellite observation technology with industry-tailored data analytics in order to monitor forests on a global scale with an unprecedented level of quality. 

Access our platform to benefit from actionable data



Access a variety of data linked to your supply chain

Through Starling’s online platform, access a wide range of data to detect potential deforestation linked to your supply chain, enabling fast and concrete action taking (that make a difference).

Actionable data

With actionable data including deforestation detection and monitoring, access to archive satellite imagery and strategic analytics of your supply chain, Starling allows you to verify commitments of all your suppliers in an instant.

Reliable and accurate

Leveraging Airbus’ satellite constellation, including Pléiades Neo, as well as our algorithms, we accurately detect deforestation and forest degradation, even in complex landscapes.

How Starling supports companies comply with the EUDR

Starling helps manage deforestation risk

  • Starling supports companies for the following commodities: palm oil, coffee, cocoa, rubber, pulp and paper, timber, soy
  • Helps companies understand and appreciate the complexity of their supply chain
  • Provides timely alerts when deforestation is detected
  • With our partner the Earthworm Foundation, we support companies prioritize action-taking to bring about real change

Your advantages with Starling

EUDR compliance check

Understand upcoming EUDR requirements and verify your compliance

Deforestation-free supply chain

Full forest cover change mapping depicts objective land use change over long time series, using scalable analytics

Supply Chain Mapping

Objective and timely data for all businesses across your supply chain, to assist decision-making whilst ensuring traceability

Net zero target

Monitoring of carbon emissions and carbon removal tools adapted to your company’s specific needs



Deforestation in Bolivia, SPOT satellite imagery taken in 2022
Deforestation in Bolivia, SPOT satellite imagery taken in 2013

Deforestation monitoring in Bolivia

Who can Starling support?

Starling is continuously innovating, we’re actively working to address further areas of interest, additional commodities, as well as replanting activities and carbon stock assessment.

Beyond private companies, Starling's focus on the importance of accurate information and traceability can support a range of other actors such as:

  • Private companies
    Monitor deforestation risks across your supply chain and ensure you meet your no-deforestation/EUDR commitments. Navigate across your supply chain to mitigate risks proactively.
  • Public institutions, local authorities & NGOs
    We provide reliable and scalable solutions to support land use planning and policy enforcement whilst ensuring sustainable deforestation-free supply chains for products, as well as certification. 
  • Academia and research
    Starling uses analytics to objectively depict forest and land use changes over long time series. They leverage our data layers at scale for data modelling and R&D on key topics such as carbon retention and climate. 
Starling is used for basemap
How Starling can be used?

Starling is adaptable to the unique needs of every custormer: it is commodity-specific, adjustable to the customer's traceability level and standards. Starling can be used in a number of ways, depending of the profile and organisation of companies (WEB, portal, reports, API….).

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team would be glad to provide you with more information regarding Starling and the many ways in which we can help meet your business needs.

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What our customers say

Our services are recommended by industry experts just like you

Nestlé has always been committed to source the raw materials we need to manufacture our products responsibly. In 2010, we made a No Deforestation commitment stating that none of our products globally will be associated with deforestation by 2020. Starling satellite monitoring is a game changer to achieve transparency in our supply chain. Today, we cover 100% of Nestlé’s global palm oil supply chains and we will extend this collaboration to cover other commodities. Data and analytics provided by Starling enable us to manage risks and perform field intervention strategies together with our suppliers to drive changes better and faster.

Pierre-Alexandre Teulié

Head of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, e-Business and Environment Politic of Nestlé France

Nestle Logo

Colgate-Palmolive is committed to sourcing responsible palm oil that is free from deforestation. To assist us in delivering this pledge we have been testing Starling, running a pilot on a section of our palm oil supply chain. By mapping our suppliers, we aim to strengthen our supplier engagement policy and develop stronger relationships based around our NDPE policy.

Ibaneska Rodriguez

Responsible Sourcing Manager of Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive Logo

Innovation and technology like Starling is accelerating our journey towards zero deforestation. This is transforming the way we manage deforestation risks in our palm oil supply chain – we are using this tool to hold our suppliers and ourselves accountable. We are satisfied with our progress, but there is much more to do. The last miles to go are always the hardest.

Magdi Batato

Executive Vice President, Head of Operations, Nestlé

Nestle Logo

Our vision is to produce all of our products in a responsible and sustainable way. Running a pilot of the Starling platform in our palm oil supply chain in Northwest Ecuador, in combination with our ground teams’ drone technology, provided the tools and information to make this a reality. Receiving quarterly reports of forest cover change continues to support our transformation work on the ground by guiding our action to the areas where it is most needed.

Energy & Palma S.A.

Grupo La Fabril

La Fabril - La industria de las ideas - logo

Providing assurance to the users of our products like Nestlé and others that our pulp and paper are free from deforestation is important to us. That’s why, alongside Nestlé, we have undertaken a pilot of Starling in Arkhangelsk, Russia, to monitor 300,000 hectares of Intact Forest Landscape, which we and other stakeholders have set aside to become a forest reserve. Starling’s monitoring of the area has proven invaluable in demonstrating our commitments to the protection of this forest that is part of developing a robust long term land use plan.

Timur Sokolov

Director of Pulp Mill Holding

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Trusted by innovative organisations and companies

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Starling in action

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SPOT satellite imagery - 1,5m resolution - Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia
Forestry and Environment

Palm oil | Promoting green development in the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia

Our efforts in Aceh Tamiang have revolved around partnering with the government and aiding their efforts to implement a green development plan. 

SPOT, 1,5m resolution satellite imagery -  Amazon River, Peru
Forestry and Environment

Palm oil | Impacting the Amazon and other key landscapes in Peru

Our work in Peru started in 2015, when – with our support – Nestle approached supplier Grupo Palmas with regard to plans to plant oil palm on about 23,000 hectares of primary forest in the Peruvian Amazon.

SPOT, 1,5m resolution satellite imagery- Cavally Forest, Ivory Coast
Forestry and Environment

Cocoa | Regenerating the Cavally Forest in Ivory Coast

The Cavally Forest Reserve is one of the last intact forest reserves in Ivory Coast, the world’s top producer of cocoa. Most of this cocoa is grown by small farmers, and Ivory Coast has lost a significant amount of forests trying to meet global chocolate demand. 

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