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Farmstar: crop forecasting & ecological crop management software

Farmstar - Empowering farmers with satellite-based precision agriculture

Unlocking the potential of satellite technology for enhanced crop management and resource efficiency

Farmstar Optimise nitrogen input thanks to satellite data

Farmstar - Optimise nitrogen input thanks to satellite data


What is Farmstar?

For more than 20 years we have supported French farmers looking to optimise their yield, improve their harvest quality, rationalise fertiliser inputs and safeguard the environment.

The service was co-developed by Airbus and Arvalis Institut du Végétal (French Technical Institute for Cereals) with the support of Terres Inovia (French Technical Institute for Rapeseed Crop).

It combines satellite imagery with strong agronomic expertise. From seeding to harvest, Farmstar provides a complete range of advice for wheat, barley, rapeseed and rapeseed's companion plant at intra-field scale, all perfectly aligned with the crop cycle.

  • Consistent guidance - Regular crop monitoring and farming advice
  • Adaptable - Compatible with almost any equipment for variable rate application of inputs within the field
  • Compatibility with basic systems - Available in a simplified format to support manual spraying (for tractors without variable rate application devices)
  • User-friendly portal - Available on computer, smartphone and tablets
Did you know?

Farmstar has been a pioneering leader in satellite-based agricultural services for over 20 years, revolutionising precision farming practices with advanced technology.

Your advantages with Farmstar

The best of satellite-based applications for precision agriculture


Increases yield, improves harvest quality


Reduces costs and simplifies field work


Supports farming regulation compliance with nitrogen regulations

Safeguards the environment

Minimises farming impact on the environment by using only what the plant really needs

Farmstar: crop forecasting & ecological crop management software

Who Farmstar can support?

Farmstar has been enhancing daily farming practices for over 20 years

  • Yield optimisation
  • Rationalise fertiliser inputs
  • Safeguard the environment
  • Comply with input regulations
Farmstar: crop forecasting & ecological crop management software interface

Farmstar in figures

How has Farmstar's 20-year leadership in nitrogen advice transformed the farming landscape?

Farmstar covers +680,000 hectares annually across more than 90,000 parcels. Thanks to a network of 35 selected distributors and +1000 technicians, Farmstar addresses the needs of over 12,500 farmers every season.

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Farmstar and how it can meet your business needs.

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What our customers say

Our services are recommanded by industry experts just like you

Eureden will continue to promote Farmstar. This service allows us to have a tool with factual elements to better support our members in their fertilization management, especially in this period of strong fluctuations.

Nicolas Orjubin, Olivier Michel, Elodie Quemener

Eureden - Arvalis

Eureden and Arvalis Logos

Farmstar has been able to reduce the amount of nitrogen applied and make the best use of the units to put them in the right place.

Baptiste Buatier's picture

Baptiste Buatier

Multi-crop farmer in the Ain

Farmstar allows farmers to save money on fertilization on their farms while maintaining optimal crop yields by applying what they need, where they need it and when they need it.

Ala Jouquan's picture

Alan Jouquan

Poly-cultivator and breeder in Ille et Vilaine

Farmstar allowed me to increase yields between 8 and 10 quintals per hectare

Joseph Binder's picture

Joseph Binder

Farm manager in Littenheim, Eastern France

Farmstar in action

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Our work in Peru started in 2015, when – with our support – Nestle approached supplier Grupo Palmas with regard to plans to plant oil palm on about 23,000 hectares of primary forest in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Starling | Regenerating the Cavally Forest in Ivory Coast

The Cavally Forest Reserve is one of the last intact forest reserves in Ivory Coast, the world’s top producer of cocoa. Most of this cocoa is grown by small farmers, and Ivory Coast has lost a significant amount of forests trying to meet global chocolate demand. 

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