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24/7 Emergency Service

Pléiades & SPOT satellite constellations

In an emergency situation people are relying on you. But who do you rely on? Airbus.

Satellite experts with complete insight are only a phone call or email away with our 24/7 Emergency Service.

We live in a world which faces frequent security, humanitarian, economic and environmental challenges. In response to unplanned events, geopolitical crises, natural and man-made disasters, users require timely, reliable and accurate intelligence to understand the situation on the ground, assess damages and help mitigate the impact on those affected.

Whether you need immediate insights of a specific area, intensively track the progress of a situation, or cover a particular event on a specific day, our 24/7 Emergency Service is designed specifically for you.

Airbus 24/7 Emergency Service rapidly collects and delivers the information and intelligence you need – giving you a clearer understanding of the situation and enabling you to make informed decisions when the pressure is on and time is of the essence.

A premium service, from request to delivery:

  • Simple and fast: Easy process with short response time and immediate activation if required
  • High priority and best reactivity: Satellite resource is booked over your area with the highest tasking priority ensuring rush and daily deliveries immediately after acquisition
  • Reliable: Tracked progress with notifications at key stages of your urgent order
  • A dedicated team: On hand 24/7/365, working closely with satellite experts and operations teams to ensure collection success, even in case of complex requirements
  • Flexible: Last minute modifications or cancellation possible, free of charge, up to 12 hours before collection.

Are you looking to prepare for the unplanned?

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17 January 2024

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27 November 2023

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21 November 2023

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The entire coast of Greenland is now ice free, unveiling spectacular, previously unknown landscapes through the lens of SPOT and Pléiades satellites.
18 October 2023

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SpatioNav system, a critical component of France's maritime surveillance infrastructure
13 October 2023

Airbus secures SPATIONAV MCO contract for Maritime Surveillance in France