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Detect infrastructure changes over time and highlight buildings or specific infrastructures

Infrastructure Analytics

OneAtlas enables direct access to Infrastructure Analytics from across the industry. We leverage archive imagery to run qualified analytics. We offer change detection, infrastructure detection and 3D modelisation at city, region or country-wide scale

I nfrastructure Change Detection

What are Infrastructure Analytics?

Infrastructure Analytics provide three types of analytics including Infrastructure Detection, Infrastructure Change Detection with or without classification, and 3D modelisation with elevation attribute and overview. This service functions over a city, country or region worldwide. 

Key features

  • Interactive change detection tool
  • 3D modelisation with elevation attribute (LOD1.3)
  • Quality control service and military expertise available (optional).
Did you know ?

We offer ready-to-use analytics to highlight infrastructure and man-made changes or to obtain 3D modelisation over a city, country or region. We are able to extract and modelise +120,000km² of 3D landscapes with features such as buildings, roads, forest and valleys in less than 1 month. 


At Airbus, we ensure quality and reliability. That's why we develop our own analytics or partner with the best analytics companies in the industry to provide the best service to our customers.

Multi-resolution and multi-sensor

Either use SPOT 1.5m, Pléiades 50cm or Pléiades Neo 30cm images

Efficiently monitor changes over areas with customised revisit frequency

Focus only on relevant and / or changing areas

Leverage our team of experts and partners for customer projects and industry-specific solutions

Choose between a fully automated solution or with human quality control service

Results delivered in ready-to-use-formats

OneAtlas access, vector or GeoJSON

Mapping building changes to support tax collection (Napoli, May 2018-Aug 2022, Powered by SPOT), in partnership with Hyperverge

Our analytics partners

  • Hyperverge has developed patent-pending technology for real-time analysis of images and videos obtained from sources such as satellites, surveillance cameras, industrial cameras and documents. HyperVerge’s models lead the market with top accuracy values on many important data-sets and are optimised for deployments in real-world low bandwidth environments.
  • Ecopia leverages AI to convert high-resolution images of our Earth into high-definition (HD) Vector Maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into critical decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale. Ecopia’s HD Vector Maps are leveraged for hundreds of commercial and government applications across over 100 countries around the world.
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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about Infrastructure Change Detection and how it can meet your needs.

Satellite image Map product

Case studies

Discover how Infrastructure Analytics can respond to your needs

Urban infrastructure - Building in construction
Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Monitoring infrastructure development in urban areas with OneAtlas

Engineering firms and government agencies need up-to-date information on the exact status of infrastructure development in urban areas to plan and monitor projects as they relate to new neighbourhoods, roads and parks.

OneAtlas Analytics over city landscape satellite image
Land Administration and Mapping

Supporting Land Administration using OneAtlas Imagery and Ecopia Vector Maps

OneAtlas Analytics offers high accuracy map extraction capabilities using industry-leading Vector Maps from Ecopia, which enable users to quickly build highly accurate mapping layers that are typically resource intensive.

U.S. Census Bureau: Automated Detection and Classification of Nationwide Residential Construction
Land Administration and Mapping

Reveal uses OneAtlas Imagery to provide construction information to the US Census Bureau

Machine Learning algorithms from Reveal analyse high-resolution Pléiades imagery from OneAtlas to count residential construction projects and assess their current stage across the US. 

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Pléiades Neo 30cm Imagery : Grand palais, paris France - 30cm resolution

Pléiades Neo - 30cm very-high resolution imagery

Our most advanced optical constellation with the highest resolution capacity

Pléiades Neo satellite image - 30 cm resolution - Rouen, France

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