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SpatioNav system, a critical component of France's maritime surveillance infrastructure

Airbus secures SPATIONAV MCO contract for Maritime Surveillance in France


Airbus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, is proud to have been awarded the maintenance and evolution contract of the SPATIONAV system, a critical component of France's maritime surveillance infrastructure.

The SPATIONAV system, built on Airbus's innovative STYRIS product, encompasses a comprehensive suite of sensors, including RADAR, AIS, and Cameras, strategically positioned across 105 sites along France's extensive 6,000 km maritime coastline. This state-of-the-art system provides real-time maritime situational awareness and supports multiple government agencies in France, including the Navy, Customs, Ministries of Defence, Interior, and Environment, Safety Agency, DGAMPA Maritime Affairs, Ports Authorities, DGA, SGMER/COFGC among others. Currently, the SPATIONAV system is used by more than 750 operators, covering metropolitan France and extending to regions such as the French Caribbean, Mayotte and French Guyana.

The 7-year contract is a new chapter in our long-standing partnership with the French navy on the SPATIONAV system. Beyond routine maintenance, this agreement paves the way for the evolution and improvement of the system, incorporating cutting-edge technology advancements such as new sensors, artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology, analytics and integration with data from drones and satellites. This will further enhance support for critical decision-making.

This contract renewal not only highlights the strength of the partnership but also stands as a testament to our longstanding relationship. Airbus has been the incumbent for this project for the past two decades, and this contract renewal reflects the trust and recognition that the “Marine Nationale” places in us. In an era marked by increasingly complex maritime challenges, the SPATIONAV system remains a linchpin in safeguarding France's maritime borders against threats such as illegal immigration, drug and arms trafficking, as well as environmental protection.


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